George Moulos

Digital Creative Executive

George Moulos Digital Creative

About George Moulos

When did you start working at Sleeping Giant Media?

December 2019

What’s your specialist skill or party trick?

I like to make graphics!

What does your day job entail?

My daily work entails copywriting and visual development for a variety of clients, from national brands to regional ones.

What areas of digital marketing do you specialise in?

I specialise in copywriting and visual content.

Why Sleeping Giant Media?

Sleeping Giant Media’s commitment to training and caring for employees was a big draw for me. I was already interested in the industry, but entering a company that so actively takes care of employees has been amazing.

What’s your favourite part of working at Sleeping Giant Media?

Well… the cheeseboard at Christmas in 2019.

What’s one of your favourite campaigns or accounts you’ve worked on?

It’s been really fun to work across a huge range of accounts, from writing travel blogs for travel clients to revamping service pages for car industry clients.

What about digital inspires you the most?

I feel like everything covered in digital marketing encompasses the ability to communicate with millions of people at any one point. When applied to social change, this is huge. You can only talk to so many people on a one-on-one basis, but the reach that digital allows makes social change a whole lot more possible… or at least, that’s the optimist in me.

Name a random fact about yourself…

I’ve spent the last six months renovating a motorhome, and I’m pretty proud of a recirculating shower that can get filtered hot water indefinitely. Big up high-tech hippies!



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