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Our content marketing specialists can help build, strategies and report on various content types to help boost your business online.

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Content Marketing Agency in Kent

We can help you produce high-quality, effective content & copy for your site.

Do you know what pairs nicely with an SEO or social media strategy? Yep, a content marketing strategy! From functional through to educational, let us help you with your content.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing strategy that’s used to attract, engage and retain audiences through the use of different content types.

These content types can vary but include the likes of videos, blogs, podcasts, articles and any other type of media.

When it comes to pairing it with your digital marketing strategy, this can see content in the shape of functional, informative, thought-leadership and more.

The creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistent content is used to attract and retain audiences that will drive actions based on your business needs.

Our Approach To Content Marketing 

Our approach as a Content Marketing Agency is based around the integration of search and social media strategies, ultimately working together to build a content strategy that works across varying levels of your business, helping you to achieve those goals and objectives.

Our content creation is based on a whole host of data collected about your business, your audience and your customers, as well as using the likes of trends and behavioural psychology to create digital content with objectives in mind.

Through a tried and tested method, we create in-depth personas to help craft content for your brand, combined with search marketing data that gives you a real insight into who your customers really are.

From content audits and the creation of functional content, through to seasonality trend analysis and editorial calendar creations, we’ve got a content marketing service for you.

CIM Agency of the Year 2017

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Our Content Marketing Services 

We take content creation very seriously, which might be pretty obvious as it’s one of our core agency services, but we thought we better let you know! Our Kent-based and remote account teams are responsible for the planning, delivery and reporting on your content marketing success. By utilising a number of tools and best practices, they can produce a thorough content marketing analyis and strategy for your business.

Content Auditing 

We will work with you to conduct a thorough audit of your existing website content, assessing its relative strengths and weaknesses to help assign and prioritise a tailored content marketing strategy aimed at achieving your business goals. We’ll look at improvements that can be made, gaps to fill and generally find ways to help improve your customer’s experience of your content.


Creative Content Ideation

We’ll use the likes of trends, search behaviour, social listening, competitor research and more to identify creative content ideas for your business.

These ideas will help supply content for functional and creative strategies, all centred around your chosen KPIs. and objectives to help you achieve more website visitors, generate new leads and assist in customer service & retention.


Functional Content 

We will help with the optimisation and creation of functional content for your website and social media – the type of content that empowers and motivates audiences to take action. This type of content, most often seen in product or category pages on a website, will be keyword-rich and considered, helping to provide higher visibility in search engines.


Trend Analysis

Alongside our award-winning data team, we’ll regularly monitor seasonality and content trends, using this learning to influence your brands content strategy. This analysis will look at the likes of statistical data, recorded market behaviour and data generated from your own customers to help identify dominant traits of the market, influencing your strategy and allowing you to be ahead of your own audiences conscious thinking.


Editorial Calendar Creation

Using a mix of data from your industry, and general trends based on your service areas, we can create a visual workflow in the form of an editorial calendar, helping keep track of your content schedule giving key people a line of sight on the planned activity.

This calendar will be developed off the back of content ideation and trend analysis work, helping highlight important dates, themes, topics and more. 

Content Consultancy 

We can also offer content consultancy, looking at the likes of auditing, ideating and analysing trends for your sector and industry, giving you the well-researched ideas to implement yourself as you see fit!

Our consultancy will help you to elevate your brand and connect with your audience through a tailored content marketing strategy.

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The benefits of our content marketing services

As a fully functional digital marketing agency of over thirteen years, we’re able to offer benefits such as:

  • collaborative strategy and planning workbooks
  • a creative and functional approach
  • a multi-channel approach
  • the ability to create and retain a cohesive brand voice
  • full consultancy or full management
  • a dedicated content team with SEOs

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Kent-based content marketing services agency that serve national and international clients. 60-minute links to central London via HighSpeed1. Quick access to M25. France is visible from our offices too!

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