Ben Abbott

Commercial Sales Lead

About Ben Abbott

When did you start working at Sleeping Giant Media?

November 2020

What’s your specialist skill or party trick?

I can pop my ear.

What does your day job entail?

Helping businesses to take digital marketing off their to-do lists.

What areas of digital marketing do you specialise in?

Sales and lead gen.

Why Sleeping Giant Media?

There’s lots of great people and good culture.

What’s your favourite part of working at Sleeping Giant Media?

Working in a team that helps to grow the business.

What’s one of your favourite campaigns or accounts you’ve worked on?

Save The Highstreet – an event we ran to help struggling businesses through the pandemic by providing free digital skills.

What about digital inspires you the most?

The ability to connect and share stories around the world.

Name a random fact about yourself…

I am terrible at golf.