Yumna Kumran

Paid Lead

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Yumna Kumran is our Paid Lead here at Sleeping Giant Media, a paid digital marketing platform expert with over 6 years of experience in the industry across Organic Social Media Management, Content Writing, Audience Identification and Digital Marketing, having previously also been a Senior Digital Creative Exec and Senior Social Media Exec. She has worked with a wide range of clients, from enterprise brands through to small businesses, gaining vast experience in delivering paid strategies for businesses in different industries, including for clients across multiple accounts and platforms. She is passionate about delivering a bespoke combination of technical and creative strategic paid solutions tailored to the clients goals and objectives.

Specialities, mentions and talks:

Yumna is also a specialist in creative social media campaigns, including adapting and shaping information to pitch them to different keystake holders based on their information and communication styles, and she delivered a talk on this subject at industry events such as BrightonSEO in October 2022. She has also delivered a talk on the relationship between pop culture and social media marketing, having delivered a talk on ths at BrightonSEO in October 2019. She has talked about Social Media for Small Businesses on an Academy FM podcast in June 2023. She has also delivered multiple Digital Skills Workshops for Sleeping Giant Media on topics such as How To Curate Tailored Audiences for Your Social Campaigns, A Guide To Advertising on LinkedIn and 7 Things You NEED To Know To Run Successful Social Media Ads. She has also written a number of blogs for the Sleeping Giant Media site around topics such as Your Guide To Meta Advantage, Facebook’s New Ad Placement: Will It Work? and upcoming industry changes. She has also hosted a number of GIANT Wednesday videos on the Sleeping Giant Media Youtube Channel.

Extra info

In her spare time, Yumna enjoys crocheting, painting, reading and going on walks.