Why do you work here?
SGM has a great culture, the focus on giving people the space to grow, embracing the idea of empowering people to be giant. This makes for an exciting environment where we can be passionate about what we do, with the grounding of a solid process to ensure things are done to a minimum standard.
What do you do at work each day?
Stuff… I am Part [Senior] Account Manager and part Head of Data so my time is split between these two functions.
SAM: As Senior account manager my role is about supporting the team with the delivering of our core services. I work closely with the team AM developing strategy, working on the ongoing actions as well as day to day communications with our clients to ensure they are getting what they need. This means I do everything from (the vital) Search Query Report, to meeting with clients to discuss performance or implementing and managing scripts on the platforms to maximise efficiency or to put it another way I take credit for the hard work my team does
Data: With my Head of Data hat on, my role is around developing processes to help the wider team deliver both for our own analytics as well as for our clients. So my Role here is developing processes, discovering new tools and also training a team to build service. This also gives me the pleasure of being on the GDPR task force developing the processes to ensure we are ahead of the curve here.
What excites you about digital?
After University I knew that I was looking for an opportunity in Marketing. I have enjoyed the digital industry since moving to a PPC department of a large company in the Travel and Leisure industry. I moved from the client side environment to a large agency in London where I got to see how it all worked. What I found over the decade I have been working in Marketing/Search is that data is key to any good decision making.