Oliver Pendle

Creative Manager

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Oliver Pendle is the Creative Manager for the Creative Team at Sleeping Giant Media. A new start, he prides himself on effective communication and crisis management, with a flair for writing and a number of special interests which prepare him for a whole host of clients and different types of content. His background has been in television, visual media, and graphic design, working with BAFTA-winning producers and directors, developing work for museums, galleries, B2B companies, and BBC documentaries such as “Our Lives”. He studied animation at the University for Creative Arts and was an animation freelancer, director, producer, and writer for multiple clients including the rap artist Ocean Wisdom’s music videos “Tom & Jerry” and “Drilly Rucksack”, as well as leading design in various capacities for Fly Film, Adidas, Pepsi, Carling and Copa90.

Specialities, mentions and talks:

Oliver specialises in emotional and grounded content; having worked in a number of industries in various capacities, he has picked up a plethora of skills in a variety of processes and topics. His first creative career was as a proof-reader at a think tank in Westminster, before eventually teaching children at a summer camp in America. He wrote, produced and co-directed an animation for Channel 4’s Random Acts which was hosted by Grayson Perry, then directed an animation for Sky Arts’ “”School Britannia”” which was broadcast. He has extensive knowledge of broadcast, television and visual media. Between jobs he has been a caricature artist, an art seller, a travel agent, a shop assistant, a retail worker, and a freelance map-maker.

He has interviewed, and filmed the interviews, of various professionals and experts and has a cool, calm tone when conducting these, often transforming the question into something more meaningful. He is a public speaker and has hosted events since a young age including a panel debates with John Bercow, Nigel Farage, Peter Hitchens, Peter Tatchell, Stephen Sackur and various MPs and Lords. He was invited to the public gallery by the, then speaker, Right Honorable John Bercow, an invitation card he still cherishes.

Oliver is a screenwriter, storyboard artist, graphic designer, and copywriter who can deliver both technical material and emotive, delicate prose.

Extra info

Outside of work, Oliver takes part in a number of cultural events in Hastings where he resides. He can be found at the Wassail and Jack in the Green, or at the pub singing sea shanties. He is a Game Master for a Dungeons and Dragons game and loves to write fantasy worlds, taking time to draw the maps, create languages, develop histories, and invent characters. He is an avid hiker and, in the summer, likes to paddleboard and kayak. He is a big fan of Spitfire lager and writing poetry. He enjoys musicals and films, a good book, and the odd video game.