James Osborne

Head of Paid

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James Osborne, Head of Paid at Sleeping Giant Media, is a seasoned professional with over 8 years of experience in translating his passion for PPC into tangible business growth for nationally recognised brands. After building a strong foundation in SEO, James found his calling in the dynamic world of PPC, driven by the allure of data-driven results.

He wields a sharp toolkit of expertise in Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Search Ads 360, consistently crafting high-performing campaigns that deliver. But James doesn’t rely solely on proven tactics. He’s a relentless learner, embracing innovative approaches like Broad Match upgrades and Performance Max to unlock new avenues for PPC client success.

Specialities, mentions and talks:

Beyond PPC mastery, James brings a collaborative spirit to the table. He mentors junior PPC team members, fosters cross-departmental partnerships, and thrives on shared victories. His data-driven approach ensures continuous learning and adaptation, keeping him at the forefront of the PPC landscape.

James isn’t just a strategist; he’s a business partner. He understands the bigger picture and leverages his broader digital marketing skillset, including paid social campaigns and SEO expertise, to create strategies that deliver the most impactful results. His dedication to continuous improvement translates into measurable success for his clients and colleagues, making him a valuable asset for any team seeking a PPC leader with a proven track record of driving growth.

Extra info

James enjoys martial arts, Asian cinema, his family, and exploring personal development; not in that order – family first!