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What makes up a marketer’s dream job?

      New Year, new job. For many people, January signals a time to take a leap of faith - time to switch up their life and go on the hunt for greener grass. That’s partly why the first working Monday of the year is also dubbed ‘Massive Monday’, due to the record...

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Is email marketing still a thing?

      When it comes to marketing campaigns, email isn’t always the first idea many spring towards. “It’s so old now,” some say. “Social media is where it’s at,” say others. Yes, email marketing did exist before the rise of social media. But we can assure you that is...

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for SEOs

      What do marketers actually want for Christmas? From tiaras to tools, we've got a few suggestions for you... Marketers are a funny bunch of people (and we can say that, we are them). The world of digital marketing means that you can be interested in a whole host...

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5 things you’ll relate to if you work in digital

      The magical world of digital is a beautiful place to live and work, but, as with any job, it comes with its quirks. Sure, it’s fast-paced and shiny and exciting - but it’s also a fairly new industry in the grand scheme of things, which can mean that there’s an...

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Using an Agency vs DIY

      You've got two choices when it comes to digital marketing, but it isn't either or.  In the big not-so-scary world of digital marketing, you can opt to pay an agency to help manage your marketing efforts for you, or you can put your SEO, PPC, outreach and social...

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Does business belong on Twitter?

      Every business and their grandma is on Twitter, and it can often feel like you're just tweeting out into the abyss - so, is it worth it? Twitter plays host to a lot of different things - from political views to people live-Tweeting commentary to their favourite...

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Understanding what your agency does for you

      Starting to work with a digital marketing agency is a lot like a new relationship - and no, we don't mean the honeymoon period. You have to scope each other out a bit, do your research (did someone say Facebook stalk…), and work out what makes each other tick -...

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Why does Safari always get such a bad rap?

      There's always one black sheep browser, but why is that? From Firefox to Chrome, everyone has their browser of choice when it comes to exploring the World Wide Web. However, there always seems to be that one black sheep browser that the majority just can’t...

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Paid promotion: how much is too much?

      Can you have too much of a good thing? Well, I guess that depends on what you’re talking about... While having ‘too much money’ may not strike you as one of life’s big problems, there is an argument that when it comes to digital marketing, and PPC in particular,...

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