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Going Green On Halloween: Giant Style

A GIANT Halloween ????Ah, Halloween. The time of year when it’s socially acceptable to come into work covered in fake blood, or dressed as the world’s current favourite controversial figure (wonder who we mean...). But also a time of year that can...

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What’s the deal with IGTV?

It made some pretty bold claims once upon a time ????In 2018, Instagram launched a long-form video platform called IGTV - a feature they claimed would “change the social video landscape”. Bold claims. And unfortunately, somewhat unfounded. IGTV...

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Is Amazon Taking Over The Ad World?

Who's the king of the advertising world? ???? You may have seen in our latest Digital News Roundup (you watch it, right?) that recent research indicated that Amazon's share of the search ads market is set to continue growing. According to eMarketer,...

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Google Maps and Their Detailed Voice Guidance ????

In two hundred yards, turn left and you will arrive at your destination: a brand new Google Maps feature. ???? Remember the good old days where you could use a physical map to tell you exactly when the next train was scheduled to arrive as part of...

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How We Are Lessening Our Environmental Impact ????

Go Giant, Go Green ????At Sleeping Giant Media we are firm believers that when it comes to helping the environment, little changes to our lifestyles can have a Giant impact. With the recent inclusion of a Green squad to Giant Towers and a slew of...

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The Pros & Cons of Working From Home ⚖️

Do people work or do they spend all day napping? ????When it comes to working from home, you often get one of two viewpoints. Critics fall into the camp of listing the distractions that can arise when people work from home, and think that no one...

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Should We Be Scared Of Algorithm Updates? ????

Don't be such a scaredy cat ????If you work in or around the SEO world, then you will inevitably have heard of the algorithm. Google’s search ranking algorithm is what decides who goes where in the SERPs, and we all know that it’s updated regularly...

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Using LinkedIn to Create a Personal Brand

Personal brand is such a buzzword these days, but it's important you have one ???? When it comes to business, LinkedIn is a key platform for engaging with other brands in your sector - particularly if you’re a B2B company. But that isn’t the only...

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Employability Points Scheme 2019: Yuni

For the last two weeks, we’ve hosted Kent EP Scheme student, Yuni, at Giant Towers to show her the ins and out of agency life ????This two-week work experience is part of the Employability Points Scheme run by the University of Kent, rewarding...

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