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Website Migration: what is it & why do I need it?

Migrating your website, just like moving house, is all about remembering to take everything and cleaning up the dirty bits or you’ll get penalised. You wouldn’t try living in a house without setting up all the essentials, would you? Moving your site is exactly the same. But what on earth is the process? It’s an important one, that’s for sure.

 We offer end-to-end management of the SEO migration process, ensuring you don’t miss a thing, and that your goals and objectives are met. There’s a lot to do, and you don’t want to miss a single crucial step.

We’ll not only help with the move of your website, but we’ll help your new website to drive relevant traffic.

Just because you have a new site, doesn’t mean you need to start from scratch. Ask your website developer what they plan to do with your website migration, and get in touch if you need to. Similarly, we have website developers within our agency partnership network if you’d like some recommendations.

We are a specialist SEO, PPC and social media marketing agency based in Folkestone, Kent, delivering website migration services to businesses across the county and the country.




Moving your website from one to another…

When working with you to move your website to new domains and hosts, or to help you regain lost traffic based on a bad migration, we’ll follow a robust process with bespoke elements. This is the benefit of working with an SEO migration company rather than doing it yourselves.

We’ll start by understanding you, your business and your objectives, looking at who you are targeting with your product or service. As well as looking at what you’re currently doing to identify any harmful associations that might effect your move. We’ll then look to outline improvements for different device types.

We’ll ensure that we’re passing on the SEO value from your existing website to your new one so no hard work is lost, and then look to improve on that. Technical checklists and content reviews prior to the launch of your new website are essential.

Once we’ve migrated you, we’ll then work with your web development agency to ensure we retain and improve on previous website metrics, conducting post-migration audits and monitoring the transitions results.

A fresh start, keeping hold of your traffic without any compromise to business as usual…

Get in touch today so we can help you with the big move | 01303 240715

The benefits of working with SEO migration specialists

As an agency with a focus on search engine optimisation, data and the associated user experience of a customers journey, we’re able to provide you with the following benefits:

– a transparent process, with collaborative working between your account team and yourselves
– we’ll help you reduce any impact on traffic post migration
– you won’t lose your sales
– you won’t lose your current search engine rankings
– we look further than SEO, seeing a website migration’s impact across all channels
– we’re based in Folkestone, Kent which means you’ll come to the seaside for meetings…

Site Migration Case Studies

Kent Messenger

The Kent Messenger Group were consulted by Sleeping Giant Media for their website migration.

The site had 500,000 pages indexed, and over 2 million monthly sessions. The migration was successful and the new site saw a 65% increase in organic traffic in a three month period post-migration.

“Planning the transition of a site with over 500,000 pages was always going to be complex. Sleeping Giant Media took the time to understand our needs and guided us through the process to make it as smooth as possible. We’ve had incredible results.” – Paul Cackett | KM Digital Development Manager @ The KM Group

Shepherd Neame

Shepheard Neame was consulted by Sleeping Giant Media for their website migration.

The website migration saw 5,000 pages, and over 100 other domains integrated, resulting in a 91% increase in sessions and a reduction in bounce rate by 27% (based on a 3-month pre and post-migration period).

Sams Ltd

Sleeping Giant Media worked with Sams Ltd after a website downtime of sixty days.

They managed to fully recover rankings within a month of working with each other, and what followed was a growth in month on month traffic by 141%.

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