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Looking to inject new life into your business’ online presence? Dreaming of a shiny new website but worried about making the switch? Our Giants can help you move from A to B without a hitch.

Reap all the benefits of a new website without the dip in traffic when you migrate with the help of our award-winning, SEO-focused website migration services.

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Why does your business need website migration services?

Like moving house, migrating your company’s website can seem like a mammoth operation. From correctly packaging fragile goods and making sure you take all your possessions to cleaning up and redirecting your post, just like moving, site migration entails a series of thorough processes that are better left to the moving experts. And that’s where we come in.

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If you’re considering migration as a potential next step for your business, the following questions might be useful to think about:

  • Are you planning a redesign or a rebuild of your current website? (Making significant changes to elements such as URLs, page content, and website navigation)
  • Is your business due to undergo a rebrand or change of domain soon?
  • Do you feel as though the user experience of your site could be enhanced?
  • Are you planning any upgrades to your site’s current features?
  • Will you be replatforming (changing CMS) or upgrading to a newer version of your CMS in the near future?
  • Do you want your customers to be able to enjoy your website on desktops and mobiles equally?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above, then an SEO-led managed website migration could help your business achieve its full potential online.

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Make site migration plain sailing

 A badly handled migration can be catastrophic for your business. In spite of the long term benefits, there are a number of risks associated with site migration, from loss of organic search traffic to important pages no longer being indexed by Google.

This is why it’s essential to partner with a team of experts like us who can enact a full SEO-lead migration process from start to finish, making sure optimisation is not forgotten about and performance doesn’t dip while you move.

Our site migration services

Our team of experts are here to offer you end-to-end management of the website migration process for your business, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to relocating your business’ online presence.

Working alongside you to ensure that you don’t miss a thing, our team of technical SEO experts can help you with the following:

  • Strategising the most effective migration process for your business
  • Migrating your business’ existing website to a new one
  • Collaborating alongside your developers for a seamless transition
  • Populating your new website with SEO-optimised content
  • Driving relevant traffic to your new website with our SEO and PPC services
  • Conducting post-migration checks of your website’s performance.

Just because you have a new site, doesn’t mean you need to start from scratch. Ask your website developer what they plan to do with your website migration, and get in touch if you need to. Similarly, we have website developers within our agency partnership network if you’d like some recommendations.

Move your website from A to B with ease …

So, how do we ‘move’ your site exactly?

When working with you to move your website to new domains and hosts, or to help you regain lost traffic caused by a bad migration, we’ll follow a robust process with bespoke elements, managing it all so you don’t have to. (Psst: this is the benefit of working with an SEO migration company rather than doing it yourselves).

We’ll start by understanding you, your business, and its objectives. We’ll discuss who you are targeting with your product or service and what you’re currently doing to identify any harmful associations that might affect your move.

At this point, prior to the launch of your new website, the creation of detailed technical checklists and content reviews are essential.

Then, we’ll then look to outline any possible improvements for different device types that users might be viewing your website on (mobile, tablet, desktop…).

We’ll ensure that we’re passing on the SEO performance & value from your existing website to your new one so no hard work is lost, using this as a foundation to build engagement from after the migration has taken place.

Once we’ve migrated you, we’ll then work with your web development agency to ensure we retain and improve on previous website metrics, conducting post-migration audits and monitoring the transition results.

Keeping hold of your site’s traffic without any compromise to business as usual…

Get in touch today so we can help you with the big move | 01303 240715

Why work with SEO migration specialists like us?

But why get a site migration with Sleeping Giant Media in particular?

As an agency with a focus on search engine optimisation, data tracking, and the associated user experience of a customer’s journey, we’re able to provide you with the following list of benefits:

  • A transparent process from end to end, with collaborative working between our strategic account team and your business.
  • A reduction in impacted traffic post-migration.
  • No negative impact on your business’ sales or current search engine rankings.
  • A holistic, integrated approach to migration in which we look further than SEO, seeing a website migration’s impact across all channels.
  • We’re based in Folkestone, Kent which means you can visit the seaside for meetings…

Our site migration success stories

Take a look at some of the different businesses we have helped with site migrations over the years — from the food sector to the journalism industry, when it comes to site migrations, our level of expertise knows no bounds!

kent messenger logo - kent online news you can trust

Kent Messenger

We consulted the Kent Messenger Group for their entire website migration.

The site had 500,000 pages indexed, and over 2 million monthly sessions. The migration was successful and the new site saw a 65% increase in organic traffic in a three month period post-migration.

Planning the transition of a site with over 500,000 pages was always going to be complex. Sleeping Giant Media took the time to understand our needs and guided us through the process to make it as smooth as possible. We’ve had incredible results.” – Paul Cackett | KM Digital Development Manager @ The KM Group

shepherd neme logo

Shepherd Neame

Shepherd Neame was consulted by Sleeping Giant Media for their website migration.

The website migration saw 5,000 pages and over 100 other domains integrated, resulting in a 91% increase in sessions and a reduction in bounce rate by 27% (based on a 3-month pre and post-migration period).

sams - protecting your future today

Sams Ltd

We worked with Sams Ltd after a website downtime of sixty days. With our help, they managed to fully recover rankings within a month of working with each other, and what followed was a growth in month on month traffic by 141%.


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