A degree in film and television production from Portsmouth University gave me my initial production skills and I have continued to develop them through work with companies including: the National Geographic, the Academy of Medical Science and the marketing department of Cineworld Ashford. I strive to be learning constantly and always enjoy trying new things, especially if that thing is edible or watchable and doesn’t mess up my sleep schedule.

Getting this job is definitely one of my biggest achievements to date. Having a job you enjoy doing with people this nice is certainly not something to undervalue. In the past I have enjoyed playing gigs around Kent as a lead singer in a band and I continue to inflict my lovely voice on my co-workers. Being able to make things on my own is also something I am very proud of, whether that’s an internal newsletter, a charity video for an organisation called Banger Run, or a style of dessert (Benoffee pie). On a lesser note, my love for puns and films met a head during the grand opening of Deskrassic Park this year, which is no small achievement (it even got a like from Dad Jokes on Instagram!).

In summary, though I am a fledgling Giant at the moment, work is dynamic, challenging and fun. Variety is the spice of life and I look forward to taking on new and exciting creative challenges in the future and reaching greater heights. After all there isn’t much that is higher than a Giant except maybe a Giant’s hat.

My Top Five

  • Brand: Disney (they own everything, including Star Wars, so this seems an easy choice)
  • Site: YouTube
  • Tech: My PC
  • Likes: Puns, geeking out over things & writing (but never finishing) stories.
  • Dislikes: People who can’t appreciate a good joke.
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