Hiya, I’m Jamie! Fun loving and passionate about all things crazy, media and avocado related. ¬†Apart from my unhealthy obsession with those green bundles of pure joy, I love films, music and anything that’s loud and shiny. I joined SGM in Spring 2013, having had my mind opened that much more to the world of digital marketing, starting SGM was just the beginning.

I have a number of GCSEs and A-Levels, but what I’m most proud of is my degree. As I’ve mentioned, films are my vice, so I went to London South Bank University to study them. The course involved theoretical work but I have also written and produced short films, something I thoroughly enjoyed.

When the university life finished for me, I took on an administrative role for a dental surgery, then later starting out in sales for an electronics company. This job allowed me to be customer facing and have a hand in visual merchandising which I really enjoyed.

My notable achievements include: Getting my degree and passing my driving test.eventually, after a 2 year hiatus.

I pretend I’m not a geek, but that mask often slips! I am a total nerd in denial, but proud of it. I was the kid that was always in the school play. I was once the old man in James and the Giant Peach, aged five with a painted on beard. I get caught singing heartily alone at home most of the time. I have a weird addiction to avocados. I once locked my whole family in the garden so I could eat Mum’s secret stash of Nutella it was a glass patio door so they could watch this happen.

My Top Five

Brand: Zara

Site: Digital Spy

Tech: Apple

Likes: Avocados (I don’t think I’ve mentioned this?)

Dislikes: Dullness

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