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March 6th 2024 was the deadline for updating to Consent Mode v2. Get in touch or find out more about our services!

Using Google Marketing Platform products like Analytics, Ads, Floodlight or SA360?

It’s crucial to integrate Consent Mode. This tool is your pathway to harmonising data collection with user consent, ensuring you meet global privacy standards while utilising Google’s analytics and advertising services.

Are you using Consent Mode?

Consent Mode is a Google-introduced framework designed to help websites manage how user data is collected based on their consent. It’s essential for any site using Google’s analytics and advertising services to ensure they respect user privacy while still gathering valuable insights. If you’re utilising Google Analytics, Ads, Floodlight, or SA360, integrating Consent Mode is not just beneficial—it’s crucial for compliant data collection.

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Ensure your ads run smoothly in the changeover to Consent Mode v2

Our Data and Analytics service for Consent Mode V2 ensures your website not only complies with the latest regulations but also maximises data accuracy and user trust.

Upgrade your Cookie Management Platform (CMP) with our expert guidance and hands-on support.

Who will Consent Mode v2 effect?

If you use Google Services (e.g. GA4, Google Ads, gtag and Google Tag Manager), operate a website collecting data for analytics or advertising and serve users in regions with strict privacy laws (like the EU), Consent Mode v2 is crucial for maintaining compliance and protecting user privacy.

Everything you need to ensure your Google Ads and GA4 accounts run smoothly

Comprehensive Compliance Audit

Begin with a detailed assessment of your current website practices against Consent Mode v2 requirements. 

Implementation Support

Our team will configure your banner for Consent Mode v2, ensuring that you are capturing your customers data in-line with regulations

Testing & Verification

We validate the effectiveness of Consent Mode v2 on your site, guaranteeing that your compliance measures work as intended, safeguarding both user data and your digital strategy.

FAQs on Consent Mode v2

What is Consent Mode v2?

Consent Mode v2 is Google’s innovative approach that allows your business to align Google tags on your website with your users’ consent preferences, particularly for ads and analytics. This tool ensures you respect user privacy by tracking data based on their consent, making your website more privacy-compliant and user-friendly.

Who needs Consent Mode v2?

If your website utilises Google’s services for analytics or advertising and you cater to audiences in regions with stringent data privacy laws (like the EU, EEA, and the UK), Consent Mode v2 is essential. It’s designed to help you navigate privacy regulations effectively while keeping your data insights sharp.

What's new with Consent Mode v2?

Consent Mode v2 brings in critical updates for more granular user consent management, including new consent states for ad data use and personalisation. These updates mean you can fine-tune which data you collect based on explicit user permissions, ensuring compliance and maintaining user trust.

Why is Google updating to Consent Mode v2?

In a nutshell, trust. With the digital landscape evolving and privacy regulations tightening, Google aims to ensure that the web remains a trustworthy space for users, advertisers, and publishers. Consent Mode v2 addresses these privacy concerns head-on, helping your website stay compliant with laws like the GDPR and the upcoming Digital Markets Act (DMA).

How does Consent Mode v2 benefit advertisers?

By embracing Consent Mode v2, advertisers can recover valuable insights from aggregated and anonymized data, even when individual consent is not given. This allows for a clearer understanding of campaign performance and user behaviour, maintaining effective advertising strategies within a privacy-first framework.

Is AI involved in Consent Mode v2?

Yes, Consent Mode v2 unlocks AI features, specifically machine learning, to model conversions , addressing a gap caused when direct data might be missing due to lack of consent.
This AI-driven method enhances your ability to analyse campaign effectiveness, filling in the gaps left by non-consenting users.

Do I still need a cookie banner with Consent Mode v2?

Absolutely. Consent Mode v2 operates in tandem with your website’s consent management platform (CMP) and cookie banner, which is your first step in collecting user consents. It’s a partnership where the CMP signals user consent to Consent Mode v2, enabling it to adjust data collection practices accordingly.

What if I don't implement Consent Mode v2?

Failing to implement Consent Mode v2, especially for businesses targeting users in the EEA, could significantly impact your data collection and advertising effectiveness post-March 2024. Without it, you’ll miss out on essential user data, affecting everything from audience targeting to remarketing strategies and even how your budget is spent on ads.

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