Matthias Carter

Account Manager

Matthias Carter - Account Manger

About Matthias Carter

When did you start working at Sleeping Giant Media?

April 2022

What’s your specialist skill or party trick?

Specialist topic is, and always will be, Star Trek knowledge. Ask me anything, from ‘what’s the justice system on Rubicun III’ to what a Klingon’s favourite beverage is. I’m always happy to discuss the finer points of interstellar politics for those who can stay awake the longest.

What does your day job entail?

No two days are ever the same at Sleeping Giant! Overall, my day job is about creating strategies and implementing digital marketing tactics to help organisations achieve their business goals. But ultimately it’s about relationships, and building that trust. I want everyone I work with to know I always have their best interests and goals at the forefront of everything I do.

What areas of digital marketing do you specialise in?

I’ve worked in marketing since 2007, which is quite terrifying when you consider how much has changed in that time – the iPhone was launched that same year! Since then I’ve worked across every area of digital marketing, and I’d say my strongest areas are SEO, PPC and Social.

Why Sleeping Giant Media?

Sleeping Giant Media is such a forward-thinking agency. We adapt and evolve along with the digital landscape. Sleeping Giant is really focused on building strong relationships with our clients also, which fits with my personal ethos. It’s so rewarding to work somewhere that matches your own passions and drive.

What’s your favourite part of working at Sleeping Giant Media?

My favourite thing about working at Sleeping Giant Media is the people. It’s fantastic to work with such a fun, vibrant and brilliant group of people who are so passionate about their work. The energy and culture of the workplace is second-to-none – it really is the best place to be.

What about digital inspires you the most?

The most inspiring thing about digital to me is the sheer size of audiences that can be reached through our work – and how specific those audiences can be.

What’s your favourite marketing platform and why?

I think my favourite marketing platform is Google Analytics. It might not be the sexiest of choices, but the level of detail and understanding that can be gained through the system helps inform ways to improve our approach on all the other platforms.

Name a random fact about yourself…

In 2012, I travelled to Hawaii to witness the Transit of Venus – an event that won’t happen again until 2117! I’m doubtful I’ll be around to see that one!



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