Google Ad Grants For Charity & Non-Profits

Did you know, if you are a UK-based charity you could be eligible for up to £397 per day of free advertising on Google’s search results? Well, you heard it hear first – let us explain it to you a little more and show you how we can help as a Kent-based search agency.

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What are ‘Google Advertising Grants‘ for charities?

If you are a UK-based charity or not-for-profit, you may be eligible for up to $10,000 USD of Google Advertising credit. That’s about £397 per day of free advertising on Google’s search results.

Your adverts would appear in the sponsored results section of the search engine results page (the top and the bottom) when a user enters a search query that is relevant to your organisation. These can help you drive people to any page, campaign or form you choose on your website.

If you’re an eligible and qualifying not-for-profit charity, then you can get on your way to producing some quality and effective text-based ads. If your organic SEO is letting you down, or you just want that extra boost, then these free ad credits can help make your charity efforts GIANT.

To get the best out of a Google Ads campaign, you will require a highly targeted strategy and some meticulous day-to-day supervision of your accounts. This can be complex and time-consuming if you wish you get the best results and continue to qualify for the credits. But that’s why we are here. We, a Kent based search and social media marketing agency, can provide the expertise and experience crucial to maximising results for your Google Grants Ad campaign (and help you apply too) – all so you can continue about your day-to-day whilst we work away in the background.

Why should you use Google Advertising Grants?

Google Grants allow non-profit organisations to achieve their marketing goals. The free advertising credits allow non-profit organisations to achieve their marketing goals by using digital and search engine marketing to help boost their online presence and therefore achieve their fundraising and awareness objectives. The grants are a fantastic opportunity for any charity to promote their cause online and generate greater revenue by reaching more charitable donors at the best point in the user’s online journey.

The more your adverts are seen appearing next to relevant search results, the more people will be aware of your cause. This can translate into more donations and volunteers  – “the lifeblood of every non-profit” as Google puts it.

The analytics available behind your search ads help you understand your audience, donators and volunteers more too. Helping to inform future digital marketing opportunities.

Google Advertising Grants Case Study

See how we helped one client, Patient Safety Learning, maximise on their awarded Google Ad Grant, helping them spend the full grant to generate some awesome results:

– 168% increase in conversions

– 162% more users to the hub

– 233% more impressions

How we can help you strategically and effectively run your Google Ad Grant campaigns…

As we said, whether you’re new to the world of paid advertising, or know what you’re doing but are trying to manage a hundred things at once, running paid advertising campaigns can be a daunting and time-consuming task. But we’re here to help with our award-winning expertise to help with your PPC management!

As a company that offers PPC services, we can provide the necessary guidance to make that process easier, we can even help you apply for the Grant itself and get your account set up. Just get in touch, we’ll talk you through what to do.

Even if your account is already set up, but you’re struggling to make it work for you, we can provide the expertise to start generating the right quality of traffic and supply you the best analytical tools to develop your campaigns.

We’ll conduct keyword research in order to establish what terms your targeted audience is searching for. We’ll even teach you how to do this yourself with our digital skills training programme – Giant Campus. By undertaking regular, ongoing research into the keywords used and best ad copy, we’ll be able to help you drive traffic and reach the right people for your charities marketing objectives.

With a pre-existing Google Ads account, we’ll assess current performance based on existing data sets and implement the necessary changes. We’ll restructure your ad groups to form robust campaigns that deliver the best results. And, as part of our service, the performance of the account will be continually monitored and used to further develop your campaigns.

We’ll report back our finds and the performance of the account at agreed intervals, with recommendations to help develop performance and inform overall strategy.

And if all of that means absolutely nothing to you, but you know you want some help to run your free advertising credit… then you know what to do. Pick up the phone, get in touch.

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