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We can help you reach your target audience through social media advertising and management.

Using your social media to contact your family or upload hilarious cat memes is a LOT different from how you use it to market a business, and a lot of people forget that.

A large following is great, but are they really relevant to what you do? Learn how to work with the algorithms, not against them.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn, to connect with your target audience to help achieve objectives such as brand awareness, generate customers, drive website traffic and drive customer loyalty.

Using social media allows you, as a business or creator, to engage with existing customers and reach new ones through an array of different content types, audience targeting and strategies.

Our Approach To Social Media 

A large following is great, but are they really relevant to what you do? Do they bring you a return?

Like our SEO service, our social media marketing services are about driving you genuine, relevant audiences through the use of content, paid advertising, engagement and technical optimisation.

We offer consultation right through to full management of your social media, paid advertising and content promotion – recognising that social media marketing is more than just a status update, and that it is an important part of the wider marketing and sales funnel.

CIM Agency of the Year 2017

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Our Social Media Services 

We see social media as a crucial part of your marketing and sales funnel, and a set of platforms that any company can use – that’s why our social media services range from profile management through to social media training.

Through thorough audience analysis and research, competitor insight and a creative workbook, we’re able to provide you with full social media services to help you achieve any goal and objective.

Social Profile Management 

Our team of certified professionals are able to manage the day-to-day runnings of your organic social media profiles – either taking full control or running collaboratively with you.

This sees the management of things such as posting, responding to comments, escalation, engagement and more. A bespoke plan can be drawn up per business and platform.


Paid Social Media 

Through different platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and Twitter, we’re able to set up paid social media campaigns, managing them throughout their life cycle, optimising them and monitoring for performance.

Using us to manage your paid social will help see better utilisation of budgets, media spend and objective-hitting with thorough audience targeting set.


Social Media Strategy 

Using our extensive knowledge of social media for both B2B and B2C we will work with you to devise a social media strategy to guide our actions and giving you something to measure performance against.

We’ll work together to identify customers, audiences, objectives, goals and measurable metrics.

Social Media Reporting 

As a client of ours, you’ll receive regular reports from our social teams on the performance across your accounts and campaigns against the metrics set out to. be achieved.

Our teams have access to some high-quality, super-duper reporting and insight tracking tools, as well as able to give their own personal insight into the performance seen. We don’t just use the in-app reports, we build you something bespoke.


Social Media Training 

Through the training arm of our business, we’re able to provide social media training to clients and non-clients looking to grow individuals or whole teams in their social media know-how.

We’ve trained some of the largest brands in the UK on how to run their organic social media presence, how to run paid advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn, how to use social selling through personal & business brands, and how to create social media content.


Social Audience Research 

Using the tools and insight at our disposal, we’re able to conduct thorough social media audience research and sentiment analysis to help inform your work, campaigns and more.

With niche and broad audience targeting, bespoke to your brand and objectives, we’re able to help you run effective advertising across an array of platforms.

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Social Marketing For Business Case Studies

Here is a list of businesses we’ve worked with on their social media marketing and advertising:

Mezzanine International: pre-exhibition social prep, resulting in huge increases in reach, generating conversations & awareness

M&J Seafood: improve communication & web traffic with M&J customers using Twitter and different content themes

Spicers: integrated search and social strategy, using competitions, paid & awareness campaigns to generate sales during Christmas period

Sterlingbuild: working with influencers to generate engagement through outreach, as well as generate high quality links

BestInvest: auditing existing channels and suggestion improvements including rich media and content ideas

The benefits of working with us

– We work with you to create a ‘Creative Workbook’ which is a collaborative, and always live document that hosts your strategy and work so you always have an eye on what we’re doing

– Our reporting is jargon-free meaning you can see and understand what great things we’re doing

– We conduct super in-depth audience identification research on your brand and business

– We are an award-winning, recommended agency under a number of different networks

– We bring learnings through a number of different experiences

– Our teams are certified in things like Facebook Blueprint, Twitter Flight School and LinkedIn Marketing Labs

– Attribution modelling: working with the Data team to make measurement plans, goals and objectives to track the success of all social media management

Social media marketing has so much potential for your brand

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