I’m Heather, Hello. I started at SGM on the 1st November 2011. My first day was spent explaining why I had a slightly orange face, due to the fact that my Halloween makeup had stained my face. I’m a proud mother & fiance. I love gin & tonic, I bake when I get time and I’m bossy. I am not a fan of this word, but, I am also a bit of a “foodie” – especially eating it. I also talk really really really fast when I am nervous or excited.

Before I joined Sleeping Giant Media I worked for Holiday Extras for 8 years. My role began as a travel consultant, and evolved over the years to marketing, with some aspects of PPC & SEO, but I was on the other side, aka the client. This is where my love of everything digital (and Apple) was born! I then pursued an opportunity to work with Saga Holidays, where I was responsible for the Saga Holidays offline marketing. This role was a total change for me and enabled me to get a taste for the offline world. Although Saga really helped me expand my skills, I soon realised that the offline world was too slow paced for me – my heart was with online, I loved and still love the way the industry is so fast-paced

4 years on at SGM, I am a Senior Account Executive and continuing to focus my attention on broadening my skills and expertise, and as a team, we are all constantly learning and getting excited over really nerdy things. I’m Google Adwords certified and I’m currently studying to take my Analytics exams. Boom.

My main achievements would have to be passing my driving test this year after years (& years) of putting it off, and, producing a beautiful child, who is now almost a “threenager”. I also now can drink an obscene amount of tea each day and survive on very little sleep.

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.

My Top Five

Brand: Hendricks
Site: Pinterest, and Cbeebies (for my daughter, honest!)
Tech: Apple
Likes: Gin, make up & eating out at different/unusual restaurants
Dislikes: Cucumber, tuna and cinnamon