Shaun Loveland

Commercial Manager

About Shaun Loveland

When did you start working at Sleeping Giant Media?

February 2016

What’s your specialist skill or party trick?

I can make pigeon noises.

What does your day job entail?

I manage the Commercial team, ensuring the support, structure and processes are in place to give the best environment to deliver results. This could be how we propose work to potential clients, how we generate new leads of how the team stays organised.

What areas of digital marketing do you specialise in?

Inbound activity. The creation of proposals and explaining our solutions to other enquiring businesses.

Why Sleeping Giant Media?

I got the impression (before joining) that Sleeping Giant Media championed in different characters and personalities which only enables people to be their best selves.

What’s your favourite part of working at Sleeping Giant Media?

The openness and willingness to be forward-thinking and continuously seeking to better ourselves.

What’s one of your favourite campaigns or accounts you’ve worked on?

Digital News Roundup – RIP. Catch old episodes here.

What about digital inspires you the most?

How it enables humans to be more productive, efficient and resourceful.

What’s your favourite marketing platform and why?

Instagram, because I like pictures more than words.

Name a random fact about yourself…

I’m not actually Ant Klokkou‘s stunt double.





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