Why do you work here?
I previously ran my own graphic design company remotely whilst also running a groundskeeping business. Both of these jobs meant I worked alone, which was never something I preferred. (Have you ever managed designers over the phone whilst simultaneously cutting a hedge to be perfectly square?) Noticing the character Sleeping Giant Media demonstrated online, I knew I was destined to become a giant myself and pursued the progressive, vibrant agency life SGM had to offer.
What do you do at work each day?
Tidy my desk… rumour has it, I’m a little OCD. Other than that, I’m part of the sales team and manage our partnerships with fellow external creatives. Utilising my previous knowledge from running a graphic design company with the new digital marketing experience I’ve developed, I am able to act as a resource for our partners and aid with any enquiry that may arise.
What excites you about digital?
The potential! Digital is a fascinating thing, it’s forever evolving in ways we can’t always predict or imagine. I’m particularly drawn to how it can compliment, if not better, our lifestyles and equip us with far greater tools to achieve tremendous things. We’ve never been more connected, nor able to seek, search and access anything we need.