Paid search - why use it?

PPC is generally considered as a direct sales channel because the users are actively engaged. The other elements of paid search can be regarded as more supportive and work well integrated into your PPC strategy, however they are becoming increasingly important for advertisers to harness.Online platforms are becoming more and more accessible to different core demographics. Combining a number of these channels within your online marketing campaign will result in an impact that is bigger than the sum of the parts.

Paid Search - what is it?

The paid search headline covers a number of forms of online advertising. Most commonly associated with paid search is PPC or Pay Per Click advertising, initially provided by search engines. It is a very simple model, in that advertisers pay the platform either per click or per impression. Google has the biggest market share and subsequently is the main focus for most advertisers and agencies and certainly is our first port of call for our clients accounts. We also work with both Yahoo and Bing as there is always potential to gain incremental sales through these platforms.

Communication is key and we make sure our clients are aware of paid activity progress. If something works well - we make it work even better. If something fails, we are here to fix it. We are always coming up with new idea for account optimisation and tailor them to clients’ goals. We currently offer the following paid search services, however we are constantly adapting our service to keep up with on going developments and new technologies:

Integrated PPC - Product search, Sitelinks, Local Business Listings
Google Grants
Google Display Network

Product Listing Ads

Call-Only Ads

Monthly Reporting

“From the moment we started working with them, we could not speak more highly of SGM. Conversion rate is a vital measure for any business and these guys have increased ours by 400% since launch. What we admire most is their hands-on approach to any task or targets we set. We even see SGM as part of the team!” MD -

You can see how we have helped ANYVAN with their paid search and become the leading online delivery auction site, you can download the case study below.