Digital Marketing Courses & Bespoke Training

Improving digital performance through tailored learning experiences

We build & deliver customised programmes of learning to address bespoke needs in the service of your specific business objectives.

Our Core Digital Marketing Training Subjects

We’ve been innovating, delivering, and teaching these digital marketing disciplines for over a decade.

All our training is built by practising experts – and its bespoke nature means it’s tailored to your businesses needs, wants, and objectives.

In addition to the core subjects of Search, Paid Advertising, Social Media, and Analytics – we also cover topics like Business Engagement & Process Creation.

Sometimes, it’s less about the skills and more about the mindset and room to do the things that increase performance for your business and teams.

We often find it’s the most desired learning outcome, so we build training with this woven into the programme. The learning isn’t just technical, but contextual.

SEO Training

Available in varying levels, showing you how to optimise your website inside and out to appease search engine algorithms.

Data Analytics Training

From setup to measurement tracking, we can show you how to track and monitor your online marketing efforts.

Content marketing training

Gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of content marketing while learning how to create quality content that converts, engages audiences, and brings in valuable leads for your business.

PPC Training

From what PPC is is, to day-to-day campaign management. Helping you appear above competitors when the right customers are searching.

Social Media Training

Exploring both organic and paid social media marketing to boost your business across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Bespoke digital marketing training

We’ve officially trained thousands of businesses in digital marketing best practices, some across the globe even! In fact, our work writing the material for the Google Digital Garage project has trained over 600,000 users. We’re quite proud of that, so here’s a little humble brag of some of the businesses that have benefited from our online marketing training.

What’s so great about our digital marketing training?

With so much quality SEO and PPC training already available online, it’s understandable to question what sets us apart from your average online “Guru”. The online teachers and SEO or PPC influencers make their living by teaching skills, often giving purely top-level advice or rehashing the learnings from somewhere else.

Our facilitators are all practising digital marketers who are responsible for managing millions of pounds of advertising budget for some of the world’s largest brands. You therefore have access to real life experts that you can question directly rather than having to rely on YouTube comment threads.

Our courses are conducted on a peer level. So you can learn with your entire marketing team or on a one-to-one basis. Learning as your entire marketing team is a really great way to bond and grow – surfacing ideas, questions, and insights that might otherwise stay locked up.

Lastly, and most critically, your bespoke training plan is based on actual data. We don’t teach you how to imagine graphs but, rather, how to analyse, understand, and act on your own business’s online performance – as bespoke as it gets!

Luke Quilter, CEO, and Chris Hirlemann, Head of Data at Sleeping Giant Media.
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Is Digital Marketing training useful?

We certainly think so, but don’t take just our word for it…

“The training went so well on both a technical and personal level. The trainers gelled so well with the team and oozed expertise, the team stayed engaged and have so much to go implement now.”

SEO & Social Media Learner

Head of Marketing EMEA

“From first contact to training debrief, the Sleeping Giant Media team have been helpful, bubbly and really know their stuff. The training was so good we had more people wanting to join all the way through. It was just a great service end to end.”

Technical SEO Learner

Commercial Manager

“The course cleared the fog… I have a certain amount of clarity.”

Social Media Learner

Business Owner

“This training goes beyond the jargon and confusing algorithms, and translates it into valuable, tailored advice that makes sense.”

Data Learner

Marketing & Communications Officer

“A highly informative, hands-on course with real benefits to my day-to-day role.”

SEO Learner

Marketing Manager

Our Education Process

We have plenty of experience in delivering large-scale education programmes in Public, Voluntary, and Commercial enterprises, and ‘learning’ is at the centre of everything we do.

Whether it’s a 1-2-1, or a full organisational training academy, we follow the process below — starting with insight gathered in the initial audit process.

Why not start learning straight away?

Keen to kick off your digital marketing learning right away? We have a whole host of useful resources and videos just waiting for you to sink your teeth into.

On location or on road training

We really are passionate about what we do, so we can host training for your team here at Giant Towers, or are more than happy to travel to your offices or another location to deliver our bespoke training.

You or your team

We can build training for you as an individual, a small team, or a whole department. It’s all down to your objectives and desired learning outcomes. Sometimes it’s useful for everyone to know the context!

Assess Your Efforts

When we build bespoke training, we’ll audit your existing work, bringing our learnings to your marketing workshop so you can learn with real context – this is how you know we’re not just regurgitating the same workshops!



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