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How To Improve Google Ad Performance

Paid advertising is a fantastic way to push your brand to niche, targeted audiences in order to help achieve some of your goals and objectives.

In the world of digital marketing, by paid advertising, we mean the likes of search campaigns, pay-per-click, remarketing, social media advertising, and more.

Today we’re speaking specifically about paid advertising through the likes of Google and other search engines. 

Setting up an advertising campaign is one part of the story, but making sure they’re optimised and continually improved upon to help your ad perform, is another part entirely.


4 Tips To Improve Google Ad Performance


Make Use of Google Ads Recommendations

One of the most underrated ways to improve your ad performance is through Google Ads Recommendations.

If you look in your Google ads account, at the left-hand navigation, you will find a tab called recommendations. This is exactly what it says on the tin. Recommendations from the search engine giants themselves, Google.

For these recommendations, they’ll have looked at your account on a campaign, ad group, ad, and keyword level, and made suggestions to you accordingly.

Not all of them will be super relevant, and the keyword suggestions can sometimes be a little off, but that’s because, at the end of the day, it’s a robot!

You’ll need to understand and be confident in your own self to know which recommendations to take on and action – you are, after all, the one who holds the context for your accounts.

However, where relevant, do action some of the recommendations – Google will appreciate this, and probably even give you a little boost for doing it. And ultimately, your ad performance should be improved!


Change Up Your Ad Copy

Writing ad copy can be a little bit of a challenge sometimes with the limited characters and keyword inclusion. That’s why it’s important to regularly change up some of your headlines and descriptions.

Keeping things fresh, adapting to trends, and testing new things to attract your audience are super important in marketing and advertising. And the versatile nature of digital paid advertising is something we should all be taking advantage of.

If you look into your account, you’ll be able to see which ads are performing and conduct some split testing to see which headlines and descriptions resonate with your audience better.

These changes, and monitoring it, can really help inform your future marketing and advertising efforts.


Include Keywords

Look to include your targeted keywords in your ad copy – it will resonate with the audience you’re targeting, especially if it’s a search campaign and they’ve actively searched for those words and phrases.

Make sure to include the keywords in a natural way so that it reads well to humans, and looks organic. Don’t get caught up in keyword stuffing, or forcing the issue. Google is smart enough to recognise when you’ve done this, and so is your audience.

Look At Your Bid Strategy Options

When running paid advertising, you have multiple bidding options that you can choose from. For example, smart bidding, an automated option. You want to make sure you’re using the most effective bid strategy based on your goals and objectives.

If your goal is to get as many conversions as possible, then pick ‘max conversions’, if it’s to get in front of as many people as possible, then consider using ‘max impression share’ as your bid strategy.

There will be a strategic option for most goals and objectives you have, but make sure you do your research about which one’s best for your campaign in order to get the best ad performance.


These are just a few of our top tips to help your ads perform. Use them to your advantage but don’t forget to be strategic and do what’s relevant to your brand and your budget.


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And remember, we are your advertising experts, so get in touch with us for any of your PPC service needs.


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