Maximising Form Submissions: Case Studies

How we’ve helped drive more form submissions for businesses

Form submissions are a boon to a business’ marketing department. Whether it’s signing up for a newsletter or enquiring about a product or service, a form submission is quite the vote of confidence! For many businesses, then, it’s a core KPI.

Needless to say, over our 15 years in digital marketing, we’ve helped many businesses increase their form submissions — and their conversions as a result. Are you looking to get more form submissions? Use this page to discover more about our processes and success stories.

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Increase in overall leads YoY (form submissions)


Increase in overall enquiries YoY (form submissions)

Supercharging year-on-year leads for Cognita

Cognita is a global group that owns and operates private schools across 16 different countries. At the start of our journey together, Cognita told us they wanted their website to cater for users at all stages of the funnel. They wanted to be able to accurately measure – and then respond to – marketing performance.


Our data team worked with them to create a measurement plan that would ensure the right CTAs were in the right places to encourage users to engage.

We then implemented a robust tracking system using the data layer, to not only track interaction points like forms and calls but to qualify them by linking them with the CRM.

As Cognita invests in both online and offline marketing, we built a UTM hub for them and a strategy to ensure accurate attribution in both environments. Offline, we achieved this using QR codes on their printed materials with appropriate UTMs.


Cognita now has a much more robust understanding of what channels work best at what stage of the funnel. As a result, their marketing budget can be used more effectively!

Between January 2023 and March 2023 we saw a 6.9% year-on-year increase in overall leads and a 283% increase in overall enquiries via form submissions.


Increase form submissions yoy

Using SEO to drive form submissions for Thakeham

Thakeham, a HBF 5* Home Builder, delivers unique residential developments across the South East of England. We worked with them on a goal of increasing organic conversions and goals across their main website – including form submissions.


By utilising a holistic approach to SEO, we worked to optimise their website both on and off-page. A big focus, too, was audience-led content — putting real experiences at the heart of their strategy.


As a result of our work together, we were pleased to see that Thakeham saw a 900% year-on-year increase in form submissions, alongside a 23% increase in goal completions.


Increase form submissions YoY

Leveraging PPC to boost form submissions for Thakeham

We also worked with Thakeham on their paid activity, to complement and work with our SEO tactics.


Via a data-led approach, we continuously tested and optimised Thakeham’s ad campaigns, making sure that PPC activity was in line with ongoing SEO and content work.


This continuously evolving approach resulted in a significant increase in form submissions for Thakeham – 150% year-on-year, to be exact. Suffice to say we achieved (and exceeded) the goals we set out together!

Need more form submissions?

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