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Interactive Social Media: Post Ideas for Your Business

Looking to breathe new life into your business’s online presence? It’s a well-known fact by now that social media holds the key to unlocking incredible opportunities for brands and businesses alike. But how do you ensure that your online presence is engaging, entertaining, and interactive enough to capture and retain the attention of your audience?

Well, you can start by waving “Goodbye!” to monotonous posting schedules and generic content because we’re about to dive head-first into the realm of interactivity. Get ready to leave your followers awe-inspired, excited, and actively participating in the conversation around your business by using this blog as your go-to resource for creative and engaging post ideas.

What is interactive content?

Interactive social media content is a specific type of social media content aimed at forging connections and encouraging interaction between the social media content creator and their audience.

This so-called ‘interaction’ can take the form of any online engagement from likes, comments, and shares to participating in polls or replying to stories. Really, it’s any way your audience can share their opinions and thoughts with you!

In a survey from Rock Content, it was found that 60% of organisations that use interactive content are able to measure their business efficiency better than those that use static content. So, not only does using interactive content help with your social media engagement and overall online performance, but also your business’s entire marketing efforts!

Why use interactive social media content?

As we have touched on already, using interactive social media content can help boost your social media engagement through the acquisition of likes, comments, and shares. But those aren’t the only benefits; using interactive content also helps you gain audience data, improve trust, and strengthen relationships. Let’s look at these in some more detail.

Gain audience data

As a business, you want to know as much about your target audience as possible, right? Well, if you are putting out interactive content like forms, polls, and games, you can learn all about your audience in a super easy way.

Interactive content is often regarded as a win-win situation, like a trade off between you delivering something to your followers in return for certain audience insights.

Improved trust & strengthen customer relationships

Allowing your customers to interact not only with your business but each other on social media helps to build and maintain a strong sense of community. A brand having a distinctive ‘community feel’ can massively help its audience to feel welcomed by adding layers of trust, inclusivity, and belonging to the narrative surrounding it.

Making and distributing relevant interactive posts that announce updates and developments in your business also strengthens customer relationships as users are more likely to feel a part of its ‘journey’ which, in turn, inspires greater levels of brand loyalty and customer retention.

Our top interactive social content ideas

So, now you know what interactive content is, and why you should be using it, let’s dive into some of our favourite types of interactive posts. Browse through the ideas below, get inspired, and use them for your own business’ social media!


Polls are a great way to learn about your audience. If you are trying to conduct a bit of audience research about a specific topic, why not give this a whirl?

Not only does this help to gain customer insight, but it can also start a conversation in the comments section between other people which also helps to boost your engagement online.

Feedback requests

Feedback requests are a very specific way to gather opinions about a product, service, or something specific about your business.

As an example, you might want some feedback on a new range of chocolate you have made and how it compares to your previous chocolate ranges. So, asking your audience is a surefire way to gain first-hand, honest answers about your products.


Quizzes are a really entertaining way to get your customers critically involved with your business, helping them to see your brand’s personality shine through in a gratifying, interactive way.

Quizzes are also very easy to tailor to your organisation’s sector, products, culture, and services, functioning as a sneaky way to distribute core information about your business without simply just telling people.


And finally, we have the humble giveaway.

In terms of engagement rates and user participation, this is the one that can really help to boost your followers, likes, and comments if set up correctly. What’s more, due to the sharing element that frequently features, giveaways can also help you to reach new audiences and gain that invaluable audience data we spoke about earlier!

Here at Sleeping Giant Media, we recently held a giveaway for 10K worth of our digital marketing services. In return, we received data from a form filled in by our applicants — as well as a load of website traffic. So, they are a really effective way to engage your audience as well as widen your business contacts.

Get started with interactive content today

So, now you know how to use interactive social media posts to your business’s (and your audience’s) advantage. Feel free to come back to this blog when you need post inspiration for your social media account.

Now all that’s left to do is for you to go forth and start interacting with your audience! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Let us know if there is anything we can help your business with, whether it be more social media matters or anything digital marketing-related, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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