Google vs Amazon for Ad Dominance, and Missguided in Trouble with the ASA – 18.10.19

by | Oct 18, 2019 | News

This week we’re talking Amazon’s ad dominance, new Instagram security features, updates from LinkedIn for companies, Missguided ad bans, and the latest push for Facebook Watch.

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Amazon chipping away at Google’s search ad dominance

Research firm eMarketer has released estimates suggesting that Amazon’s share of the search advertising market is set to grow over the next two years – as Google’s share shrinks. 

Last year, Amazon generated “more than $10 billion in ad revenues globally” – with the company’s ad share expected to grow from 12.9% in 2019 to 15.9% by 2021. Of all of the brands in the US ad market that were reviewed – including Google, Microsoft and Yelp – Amazon was the only one expected to see an increase. 

It’s important to remember that Google still dominates this market massively, and even with a decline predicted, we’ll still be talking about the search giant maintaining around 70% of the market share. However, with more and more searchers starting their journey on Amazon now, it could be interesting to see how the use of the platform continues to grow and adapt over the coming years. Read more at Search Engine Land


Instagram adds security feature to let users better manage third-party app permissions

Instagram has launched a new feature designed to give users more control over the information that they’re sharing with third-party apps. The feature, which will be shown in Settings, under Security, and then Apps and Websites, will allow people to see which active and expired apps have access to information like photos, captions, and usernames. 

A growing number of apps now ask for photos to be imported from Instagram, making it harder for users to keep track of who has access to their data. Now, a new authorisation screen will list what information apps are requesting, giving users the ability to cancel or give access to each one individually.

Instagram has said that the roll out could take up to six months, which is an excessive amount of time for an update from the platform – leading many to wonder quite why it will take so long. Take a look at more details over at The Verge.


Missguided Love Island swimwear ad banned for objectifying women

Missguided has had one of its video-on-demand ads banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), due to it “objectifying women”. 

The ad showed models in provocative poses wearing the brand’s swimwear line, with the text “if you plan on wearing clothes this summer … we’ve got you covered … kind of” appearing on the screen. 

Complaints from the public said the ad was “overly sexualised”, with the ASA agreeing – saying that the ad “invited viewers to see women as sexual objects”. As a result, the ASA has said that the ad was irresponsible, and “likely to cause serious offence” – meaning that it has now been banned. 

Read more on the decision over at The Drum


LinkedIn adds new tools for company pages designed to boost employee engagement

This week has seen further updates coming from LinkedIn, with new tools for company pages designed to “boost employee engagement on the platform”, as well as ensuring that company information is kept more up to date.

The update is made up of three key components – employee notifications, company page kudos, and a new completion meter for company page fields. Notifications will mean that employees on LinkedIn will now be updated on “important business updates or posts”, as well as be encouraged to share the news on their own pages. 

Kudos will give Page Admins the ability to “leverage a custom content format built specifically to welcome new team members, spotlight outstanding work, and recognise the people behind an organisation’s pivotal moments” – promoting engagement further. The final update, the completion meter, is similar to the one seen on personal profiles, and will help to guide users through the process of completing company page fields. 

Research has shown that content shared by employees sees 8x more engagement, so these updates could help brands looking for more engagement on their LinkedIn company page. Take a look at more over at Social Media Today.


Facebook continues to push Facebook Watch with new programming partnerships

Facebook has continued to expand on its push around Facebook Watch – seeing it partner with publishers and celebrities to create new Watch specific programming.

As part of what the platform says is its mission to work with publishers and help them “reach more people”, Facebook will be “rolling out a new initiative where we pair digital publishers with beloved creators and public figures who have established communities on Facebook.”

Initially tested in Europe, the idea is to blend the creativity of digital-publishers with celebrities, influencers or personalities – all within the Watch platform. Facebook is hoping to spark more interest in Watch, particularly when paired with updated news programming and some of the other areas being developed. The major end goal for Watch will be to try and steal a larger chunk of the video advertising market – giving big hitters like Netflix a run for its money. But based on current viewer numbers, we’re not quite there just yet. Read more over at Social Media Today.


UK digital ad spend hits £7.3bn in 2019, despite economic uncertainty

During the first half of 2019, digital ad spend in the UK grew by over £7 billion – despite the country being plagued by uncertainty in many economic areas. 

Analysis by PWC and the IAB found that display and search ads saw the largest increase in online investment, with overall market online investment growing by 13% to reach £7.3bn. £3.7bn was spent on search ads, while £2.8bn was spent on a combination of both video and non-video display ads. 

Video formats alone drove £1.32bn in ad spend, showing the power of video when it comes to reaching consumers – and we’re expecting to see the growth of this market continue to expand. 

Tim Elkington, the IAB’s chief digital officer, said the results showed “a continued confidence  in digital advertising spend”, despite economic uncertainty in the UK surrounding Brexit. Take a look a the full breakdown of stats over at The Drum



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