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Luke Quilter, CEO of Sleeping Giant Media Takes on the 4x4x48 Challenge


Our very own CEO, Luke Quilter, is taking on the amazing challenge of 4x4x48 on the 1st of April! What does this mean? Well, he will be undertaking a crazy running challenge inspired by ex-navy seal David Goggins.

Luke Celebrating

 What Is the 4x4x48 Challenge?

The challenge will require Luke to complete 4 miles of running, every 4 hours… for 48 hours! See, now you know why we called it a “crazy” running challenge! So yes overall that is 48 miles, which by the way, is well over a marathon, which is “only” about 26 miles.

So Why Is Luke Doing This? 

He will be running in and around Hythe and Saltwood to raise money for Saltwood School under the charity FoSS (Friends of Saltwood School), to help the school pay for solar panels to help reduce its carbon impact and costs, and integrate into education for the kids – how awesome is that? At sleeping Giant Media we are working hard to be greener, and completing events like the one Luke is doing helps to bring us closer to our goals.

A few words from the man himself: “I am really excited about this challenge. I mean excited and slightly concerned about how tough it will be. The 4x4x48 is nothing like any other challenge I have done before and the start-stop nature of it will be really tough both physically and mentally, which makes it something unique. During the lockdown, I got back into my fitness and watched and read a lot of David Goggins’ content. I find him so inspiring, and how he paves the way to show us all what the human body and mind is capable of. This is the event he created and it is exciting to be able to try and do it. I am raising money for our local school, in order to pay for solar panels for them. My objective is to reduce their carbon footprint, help educate the children on clean energy and save a lot of money on electricity bills that in turn can be reinvested for much-needed equipment for the children. Anything anyone can contribute, or even help spread the word would be great.”


Why Not Get Involved?

“If you are interested in joining me for some or all of the run, feel free to join for as many or as few of the stints as you would like. The timings for the stints are below, and if you drop me an email at luke@sleepinggiantmedia.co.uk I can add you to a WhatsApp group to confirm the location for each. They will generally be in the Hythe/Saltwood area, with the nighttime ones being a road loop to start and finish at my house should you want to camp out in the garden. “

— Saturday 1st 





—- Sunday 2nd:









FOSS - Friends OF Saltwood School

 Image source: https://www.saltwood.kent.sch.uk/FOSS/

 Luke’s aim is to raise £500-£1000 for the school, on top of his own generous contribution. So, if anyone has any spare pennies they would like to put towards Luke’s incredible mission, you can do so on his Just Giving page! We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who helps Luke on this incredible journey.


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