Increasing Basket Value: Case Studies

How our digital marketing work has directly contributed to basket value

What’s better than a user putting something in their basket? A user putting even more things in their basket, of course.

In the world of marketing, we can talk results all day long – clicks, impressions, and CTR are our bread and butter. But if you’re in ecommerce, you’re ultimately looking for those clicks to drive sales. And sales start with an ‘add to basket’.

Use this page to find out how we’ve increased basket value for our clients with our award-winning digital marketing services.

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MoM increase in average basket value

Boosting average basket value for Spicers

Spicers of Hythe started their journey as a grocer’s in 1926. Since then, they’ve grown into a business that processes and delivers over 100,000 beautiful hampers every Christmas over an 8-week period.


With Christmas being a vital time for Spicers, we got started on a social media and SEO strategy with the goal of generating more relevant traffic through the festive season.

But, as with any business, it’s not all about Christmas. This was already a strong time for them, so we wanted to also focus on improving traffic and basket value through the entire year.


Our campaigns saw great successes across platforms — with a constant growth across their social media profiles and keyword ranking improvements for their website.

One of our favourite activities to run on social media took the form of competitions, with the ultimate aim of boosting engagement. Here’s the exciting data from one such competition:

– 1661 new Twitter followers
– 540 new Facebook likes
– Added to 112 new Google+ circles

As for the SEO campaign, we were pleased to see some superb results in keyword rankings. This included a boost to position 1 on Google for ‘valentines day hampers’ and ‘hampers for mothers day’ and to position 3 for ‘mothers day hampers’ — huge wins considering the saturation of competition!

Ultimately, our social media and SEO work resulted in the generation of more relevant traffic, increasing the campaign average basket value by 18%. All in all, we saw an average basket value increase of 184% year on year.

Come Christmas-time, Spicers actually ran out of stock and had to order more than anticipated to meet the demand!

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Increasing basket value isn’t the only trick up our sleeve. Our marketing work also boosts leads, form submissions, conversions, and more. Find out all the juicy details by heading to our main case studies page.

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