Boosting Conversions: Case Studies

How we’ve helped our clients increase their conversions

Impressions, clicks, ROAS, ROI, PPC — even if all of this sounds like nonsense to you, what every business understands is the drive for conversions. Turning potential into actuality can be tricky business, but we’re up to the challenge.

In our 15 years in marketing, we’ve driven some pretty awesome results for our clients. Find out how we’ve helped amplify conversions for a range of businesses, from water quality monitoring companies to charities and plumbing companies!

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Increase in all conversions YoY

Conversion-driving PPC & SEO for Aquaread


We’ve worked with Aquaread, a manufacturer of water quality monitoring equipment, since 2012 — and have managed all paid search and search engine optimisation activity for them ever since.

Through multiple site re-designs, Sleeping Giant Media have worked with Aquaread to increase its international reach to drive leads to their distributor network.

We put a solid management and tracking infrastructure in place to aid in ongoing optimisation and performance development. As with any good SEO and PPC strategy, this underpinned everything we did (and continues to do so!).


Because of our search and paid optimisation and management work, Aquaread saw a 416% increase in year-on-year conversions. Their SEO traffic as a whole is up 50% year-on-year, unique visitors are up 90%, and around 3% of all traffic converts into leads.

All in all, their website is working a lot harder for them to bring in organic leads, while their paid activity gets them in front of the right people for less.


Increase in transactional conversions

Boosting transactional conversions for Guide Dogs


When Guide Dogs approached Sleeping Giant Media, they had been having trouble with their paid accounts. We were pleased to have the opportunity to help them optimise and manage the PPC campaigns for their online shop.

The goal? To maximise revenue and improve ROAS as much as possible through Google Shopping Campaigns. We kicked things off by improving the account build itself, setting a solid foundation for our ongoing work with automated bidding. A combination of leaning into Google’s machine learning capability and strategically optimising target ROAS was key to our success here.


In the first 30 days alone, the ROAS soared to 306%. By day 45, it had boosted to 365% overall.

Our work led to a magnificent 10,806% increase in impressions, a 95% increase in clicks, and a 192% increase in transactional conversions. All of this resulted in a whopping 4027% increase in revenue. Suffice to say, we were pretty chuffed with these results! After all, what are views without cold, hard conversions?


Increase in ppc conversions yoy

Upping PPC conversions for Heart of Kent Hospice


Heart of Kent Hospice approached us during a turbulent time, when the pandemic had started to wane but the anxiety around it was by no means gone. With that in mind, and the cost of living crisis in full swing, encouraging people to donate to the cause was no easy feat.

To ensure that donations didn’t drop off the radar, we began optimising their PPC campaigns using their £10k charity ads grant, bringing their spend up 350% — a big win for a charity. We maximised bidding strategies and reviewed ad copy to ensure donations were the main call-to-action.


Our initial improvements and continuous optimisation strategy has resulted in a huge 310% increase in year-on-year increase in PPC impressions and a 244% year-on-year increase in clicks.

This, in turn, boosted conversions massively — 110% year-on-year, to be exact!


Increase in seo goal conversions Yoy

Smashing SEO goal conversions for Reina Group


Reina Group is a dynamic heating and plumbing business providing heating systems for bespoke homes, developments, social housing schemes, and more. Throughout the pandemic, we worked with them on a content-led SEO strategy that focused on user-driven search trends and core terms.

Ultimately, we wanted to drive organic traffic to Reina Group and establish their site as an authoritative source of informative and educational content — somewhere their target audience could have all their questions answered.


As a result of our SEO work, Reina Group saw a significant uplift in traffic growth throughout the pandemic, plus key goal completion growth to support business performance. Broken down into numbers, this looks like:


  • A 108% year-on-year increase in new SEO users over a period of 6 months.
  • A 114% YoY increase in SEO goal conversions over a period of 6 months.

Marketing that converts – read more success stories

Keen to turn impressions into conversions? To open the floodgates of PPC and SEO success, just get in touch. Let’s get started on your growth journey.

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about our marketing work for businesses across the UK and beyond, head to our main case studies page.

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