Welcome to part of our giant SEO video blog series, where we’re going to answer the question: What is off page SEO?

On page or off page

Often people will refer to SEO in two ways, as it can be broken down into two main sections – off page SEO and on page SEO. Google looks at different factors either on your site, pointing to your site or related to your site, to try to assess how they should rank you for certain key words.

Looking at off page SEO, Google is going to look at things like social ranking. This includes how authoritative you are and how much your content is being shared by influencers in the market via social channels.

Quality not quantity

Another factor will be the quantity of links going back to your site, but it is important to not get too hung up on this point. Google will assess the number of links, as well as the quality of the links that are going back to your site. Quality is much more important than quantity nowadays, and having really high quality links going back to your site is a must. These high profile links come from authoritative sites, such as the BBC or major news websites.

There are lots of different factors that Google will consider around linking, including the speed at which you acquire the links. If you pick them up too quickly it can be a sign that you may have bought them, which is not something Google wants to encourage. This means it is important to have a natural link profile.

Stay Natural

Cutting to the point, it’s about social, sharing and engagement – those are the most important metrics to consider when looking at off page SEO. Now our view here at SGM is to not focus too much on the off page elements. Basically, if you produce some really great content and publish engaging, interesting information on your site then you’ll start generating a lot of the links back naturally, when influencers share that information on social media.

Yes, you’ve got to encourage this, but don’t make too much of an effort to try to generate those links because ultimately, if you do something great on your site those links should come naturally – because your site will be adding value to the web, and actually answering people’s questions.

Based on what we’ve seen from the algorithm updates recently, this is exactly what Google’s trying to encourage. It’s punishing people that get low quality links or high volumes of low quality links, and encouraging people to create a more natural link profile.

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