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We’ve introduced a 50% profit-share with our team for the remainder of 2020 💰


It’s safe to say times have been pretty 💩  lately, right?

Since COVID struck back in March and restrictions were put it all over the country and the world halting or impacting many businesses, we too have faced varying levels of challenges as a B2B business.

In fact, it’s safe to say many of us have – it’s not been an easy ride for anyone.

As a business, our core vision is to ‘awaken potential’ through building up other businesses using digital. We did, like others, face problems of losing clients as they pulled in expenditures, or failed to stay afloat completely and it’s been extremely sad to only be able to help so much. But, in such unprecedented times, it’s totally understandable, and as a business, we did the exact same ourselves.

Some sectors took a hit more than others, and different business tactics determined success in other ways. We are in a fortunate position that our portfolio of clients is across a broad spectrum of sectors.

Fortunately, despite the hit at the beginning during the real uncertainty, we have been able to achieve some record numbers in things like inbounds, sales and project expansion.

Our team, our GIANTs, have been responsible for so much of this success, working extremely hard from their home setups to adjust not only their own personal life but that of business performance, strategy and outlooks for our own agency and those of our clients.

“We’ve had a good but challenging year, and like other businesses, we had to change things up to keep an eye on varying factors within the business.

For example, we had to make some changes to the way we escalated peoples salaries in the face of uncertainty, simply not knowing how things would develop over the months.

Our focus for decision making has always been making the business sustainable, knowing that this is beneficial to any and everyone involved within it.

The team, across all of our departments, have worked ridiculously hard over the last seven to eight months, and have really taken these changes in their stride, so we wanted to reward them as soon as it was financially feasible and we had more of an idea on what the future might hold for business all over the country.

To say thank you, and to further encourage that hard work that has delivered us one of our best years on so many metrics, we have decided to do a 50% profit-share for the remainder of the year.

We’re really excited about this, and so are the team, as it gives us something awesome to aim for and should give the team a nice financial bump for all their hard work, determination and focus that they’ve given during the strange year we’ve all experienced.” – Luke Quilter.

“A profit share system was something we have been thinking about for a while, well before COVID-19 hit. It’s not an easy thing to implement, but over the years we have become really adept at reacting to and making changes to the business.

We are so excited to be sharing the direct profit with our team, especially in the current climate. Everyone has worked so incredibly hard, from all over the business, we wanted to foster the feeling of we are all in this together, and the team have responded really well!

If this test period works out for everybody, it might be something we look to roll out in some guise in the future full time.

As of yet, the immediate future is still unknown for many businesses, and therefore what this profit share will look like in terms of actual money is relatively unknown. Obviously, we have financial forecasts and if we achieve our plans, it looks like it will be a nice Christmas for all our GIANTs.” – Anthony Klokkou.

We’ve also just introduced a flexible working policy to our team, allowing them to work when or where they want. Our people are what make us, and what help achieve success for our clients, so we believe strongly in rewarding their hard efforts and making life more comfortable for them around work too.

If you’re interested in learning more about the policies and profit-share that we’ve introduced, please do get in touch or reach out on social media.


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