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We’re fully flexible now, wow!

Sleeping Giant Media have decided to become a more flexible employer by implementing a flexible working policy for all of its team. This means staff can work when or where they want… and it looks like it’s going to be epic!

That’s right, we’re going fully flexible, and no… we don’t mean we’re getting more into yoga.

As of the beginning of October, we’re transforming into a flexible working team under something we like to call the “WoW Policy” – work When Or Where you want.

After a lot of work on the policy, and whilst we trial a few things, we’ll be working with core hours and certain team coverage to ensure our clients are seen to whenever they need us. (Also following health & safety when it comes to appropriate break times and time between working days)

But other than that, our teams can quite literally say “WoW” in an Owen Wilson style voice at their new employee benefit!

The “work where you want” is really freeing for our teams, with the obvious guidance that you must make sure it’s a secure network and you are still available for mandatory meetings and business events. 

This was a policy we were looking to implement pre-COVID, but with all that’s going on it was put back a while – however, now seems a better time than ever to get things rolling. We already have team members that live and work overseas, joining us regularly and where possible (when the world is locked down) to contribute to our culture.

This new way of working for us will enable us to have a more diverse workforce, boosting our ability to recruit further afield and give opportunity to digitally minded people outside of our county. 

It also allows us, and our giants, to be a part of what we believe will be the future of office-based working, giving more freedom and autonomy to individuals and enabling a better work/life balance.

Our team have all been really receptive to the idea of flexible working, and are really looking forward to getting started. We can’t wait to see how it’s going to go, but we know our team will make it work beautifully for themselves, their teammates, our business, and our clients. 


After the last government briefing, we continue to keep our office open for our giants to use if they want to for their own mental or physical health, following COVID compliance and all the necessary bits and bobs. So despite other restrictions on movement, our team have got the choice for the “where you want” right now of our offices or their homes and can look to evolve that themselves in the future.

Flexible working has never been more important for businesses that can afford to implement it, working with your team to help them adjust to the “new normal”, whether that’s less commuting, changes in the school drop off times, the ability for team members to move further afield from the office if they’d like to or just better for mental and physical wellbeing. 


“Over the last six months, we have shown that we can work incredibly effectively, possibly even more effectively than pre-COVID, in a remote world whilst balancing both business and personal responsibilities. This feels like a logical and very exciting next step for our teams.” – Anthony Klokkou, MD. 


There are so many benefits, and with a trusted workforce there’s no reason it shouldn’t work. 

Working productively when and where you want.

We’ll report back on our learnings, and are more than happy to talk to other businesses thinking of moving to do the same. Just get in touch!


And just an FYI, whilst you’re here, we’re currently recruiting for a Commercial Sales Executive, so check out our careers page to find out more.


🤫 Psst… if you’re a client, you’ve got more details in your inbox!


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