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Happy International Women’s Day : Women In Marketing

International Women’s Day 2023 is here, and we will definitely not be missing out of this fantastic opportunity to celebrate the wonderful women of Sleeping Giant Media. We have women in our business from directors to executives and every single one is so valuable to the workings of the business.

My first real insight to the world of marketing was watching the film “What Women Want”. Mel Gibson, a real “Man’s Man” dominating his field, is put out by a woman (Helen Hunt) when she gets the job he wants. How can they do this to him?! A WOMAN?! Through the journey of the film, in hearing the innermost thoughts of a woman, he finds out that his first impression of the female race isn’t correct – they aren’t just a bunch of airheads who get by on looks and affirmative action, they actually have powerful minds too! With more in common with men than he first gave them credit for. Who’d have thought?! Eventually they fall in love and blah blah blah. I loved that film when I was younger, but I’m not sure it holds up.

 Women In the Workplace

Women make up over half the online marketing world. Which is incredible. Ol’ Mr Gibson had me believing that this would always be a male dominated world, but actually, women are at the forefront here. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a way to go when it comes to the division of positions within a business (men generally make up the larger part of management and leadership), but it’s a far cry from the “tootsie in a tight skirt” world it was made out to be, which is why celebrating International Women’s Day is so important, because the more we draw attention to it, the more opportunities women will get and there will be more enlightenment into equal pay and roles in business.

I am lucky enough to work in an incredible business here at Sleeping Giant Media. We are 38% male, and 55% female. 14 men in managerial positions, 20 females in managerial positions. The people we have in our team are amazing at what they do, and everyone pushes themselves and the business forward to achieve great things. Everyone gets the right support for them to achieve great things, and we take an equitable approach to progression – both personal and professional.

Everyone has the opportunity to thrive here, women and men both working hard together in the business with equal opportunities, no gender pay gap, management training for all management members, and so, so much more! As women of Sleeping Giant Media, we feel seen and happy with the opportunities provided to us, and we hope by telling other women celebrating International Women’s Day this year that we can help them reach a place where they also feel equal and happy in their environment.

Lexi & Ellen Sleeping Giant Media

Do we keep an eye out if things are looking out of balance? Of course! It’s natural. But that’s not to say we keep someone down, or prematurely raise someone up. We look deeper than that, and look at the cause. We address things at their root, and offer support based on each circumstance, rather than push for a one size fits all approach that would end up failing. You can’t jump to the end of a book; you have to write the chapters. And each of our Giants has their own story to tell.

What are we doing for women’s equality?

Our cultural mission is to Empower, Engage, and Grow our Giants. And I could say regardless of gender or background, but actually, those elements play a crucial part in how we approach any situation. We don’t make snap judgements, we don’t categorise, and we don’t stereotype; but we do listen with an open mind. We want to celebrate people and their stories, which means their gender and background is important to us woman, man or other, because EVERYONE is important at Sleeping Giant Media.

We apply a tailored approach to all of our Giants, to meet their needs, and to help them reach their goals. From a business perspective, this just makes sense! Upskill and empower people, and they’ll bring in more money, right? But from a human perspective, it’s just the right thing to do. Treat everyone as individuals, and help them thrive. It’s the latter that we aspire to every time, and it’s something that I personally think keeps us as a healthy and diverse community of Giants.

We can also happily say we have had one of our amazing Giants be nominated for the “digital woman of the year” award for 2023 which we think is another perfect way to celebrate our women in the workplace. You can find our nominee Aniela on our website and see what her role entails as a digital woman! 

Aniela Holding Furby

So, do our Giants live in a fast-paced world of backstabbing, scheming, and misogyny? Heck no! Do others live in that world? I can’t say, I just don’t know. But I really hope not. All I can say is that, for our part, we’ve worked hard to build a joyful, respectful, equitable, and fun culture – and that’s never going to stop. So, happy International Women’s Day 2023 to everyone and let’s keep pushing for equality in this crazy world!


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