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Creating Stickers In Whatsapp


Calling all you creatives who love to have a natter with your mates on Whatsapp!

Let’s face it, we all use Whatsapp these days, what even is iMessage? Haha, I’m joking, we still love you iMessage (but we love you more Whatsapp). So, with so many of us now on this meta platform, why don’t we have a bit of fun with it and get a bit more creative with our messages?

Why do we want Whatsapp stickers?

Sending the same emoji’s over and over, can get a little dull,l right? Well, we can actually send stickers instead! And by this I don’t mean the standard ones your phone automatically pops up for you like the poop emoji or the pig, I mean custom stickers that you have chosen!

cat images sticker pack

Image source: getstickerpack.com – cat meme sticker pack

 If you download getstickerpack from your app store, you can spice up your sticker game with custom sticker packs where you can actually upload images from your own photo library and cut them out yourself! Then it’s as simple as adding your fun, creative WhatsApp stickers to your WhatsApp library and sharing them with your friends. You can’t get much easier than that, can you?

So let’s break it down into a step-by-step “how to create a WhatsApp sticker” shall we?

How to create a Whatsapp sticker pack:

1 – Download the get sticker pack app from your app store.
2 – Name your sticker pack to get started!
3 – Add the stickers you want from your photos (you can select up to 30 in 1 pack).
4 – Cut out those images to be the sticker of your dreams – if you’re a crazy graphic designer/creative, you can also use transparent PNG files.
5 – Add your sticker pack to your WhatsApp.
6 – Send your new stickers to all your favorite people!

are you a graphic artist

Image source: getstickerpack.com

Also, it doesn’t end here. If you are a creative genius and looking to get your homemade stickers out there, you can publish them to the sticker maker community and they have a chance of going viral from so many users using your sticker designs, how cool is that? So not only does this app give you more creative freedom with your Whatsapp messages, but also gives your sticker design a chance to be used millions of times.

Whatsapp stickers are a fun way to communicate with your friends and family, so why not give them a try rather than a basic emoji? Create stickers for Whatsapp today and brighten up your best friends’ day with a fun sticker you’ve made for them.

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