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What is a Company Catchup?

As we’ve grown from ‘Giant’ startup to an SME, communication has always been at the forefront of what we do both internally and externally. It’s what we were built on, it’s what we strive to do best! 

Skipping through what that means in all other guises, we’d like to share with you today what that means when it comes to keeping our Giants in the know on a regular basis. 

This is where the Company Catchup comes in, a monthly “meeting” we’ve been doing since the creation of Sleeping Giant Media. We say “meeting” in the loosest sense, because it’s actually more of a social occasion, with an information focus.

Every month our whole business spares an hour (used to be 30 minutes, but we got a bit too Giant!) to get together on a Friday afternoon to grab dinner together (generally Pizza), to catch up with one another and to celebrate the past months wins, discuss priorities and just generally communicate the state of the business. 

In the current day, this company catchup has multiple sections that covers:

  • General company updates
  • Shoutout of the month (kinda like employee of the month)
  • Our vision & objectives
  • Departmental wins
  • Updates from our Green, Culture, NOT & IDS Squads
  • Client wins
  • Updates from our Senior team
  • A Giant Q&A (anything our Giants want to ask about?)
  • Business Performance

Discussing business performance comes in the form of looking at profit, costs and more, showing our actuals, our forecasts and more – aligning with our values of transparency and, by proxy, effectiveness through giving our Giants realistic views on how the business is doing.

Altogether, it’s a mixture of fun, realism and more – helping everyone be accountable, feel part of a team and feel like they ARE the business, not just part of it. 

In this mini-documentary, we look behind the scenes of Sleeping Giant Media’s company catch-up – our now hybrid setup after we outgrew the ball pit in 2018! 

Should you be hosting company catchups?

We’re strong advocates for transparency and accountability, as well as the community we have here – therefore we strongly believe it’s a great asset and could be for your company too. But it’s down to you – and it doesn’t have to follow the formats we do. 

Should you be providing pizza at every company catchup?

That’s up to you, but you know… a full stomach = a happy heart!

Will we ever be sponsored by Dominoes for the amount of money we’ve spent with them over the years?

Probably not, but a Giant can dream 🤤


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