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Our Green Squad, a selection of individuals at Sleeping Giant Media looking to ‘inspire change to help protect the earth’.

Join us as we try to encourage sustainable choices in our workplace, our community and more.

Inspiring Change to Help Protect the Earth

We work against four main pillars; grassroots, local community, education & lobbying government.

We look to make changes at home first and foremost, looking for sustainable alternatives to everyday office life and more. Encouraging this within our team as well as producing content to inspire it within our business community and across our clients.

 Our Green Squad

Our Pillars



Create a space in which our team feel empowered and inspired to affect change and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.



Build awareness of the issues within the local area (Folkestone, Kent) and help drive change to be more eco-friendly. 



To raise awareness of the cost of our lifestyles and offer opportunities to make positive change.



Engage in conversation at the highest level, helping inform our approach and steering government, both national and local, on best practices.

Going Green for Christmas: Giant Style

Going Green for Christmas: Giant Style

A GIANT Green Christmas that got everyone involved! 🎄   You may remember, back at Halloween, that we let you in on all of the ways we were trying to celebrate the freaky festivities in a way that was kinder to the planet - from 100% vegan...

Going Green On Halloween: Giant Style

Going Green On Halloween: Giant Style

A GIANT Halloween ????Ah, Halloween. The time of year when it’s socially acceptable to come into work covered in fake blood, or dressed as the world’s current favourite controversial figure (wonder who we mean...). But also a time of year that can...

How We Are Lessening Our Environmental Impact

How We Are Lessening Our Environmental Impact

Go Giant, Go Green ????At Sleeping Giant Media we are firm believers that when it comes to helping the environment, little changes to our lifestyles can have a Giant impact. With the recent inclusion of a Green squad to Giant Towers and a slew of...

Greenwashing Is A Thing

Meet The Team!

Making Events Sustainable

Business Bar Crawl


 Our Green Squad

What We Do



Our team create and distribute monthly newsletters internally, raising awareness of green schemes, local events & initiatives.


Benchmark & Survey

We looked at how we used to do things vs. how we do things now, looking at how we can continually improve and hold ourselves to account.


Making Content

We make content across the likes of our TikTok & LinkedIn with videos and blogs to raise awareness of things Giants and others can do.



We like to get together as a team, inviting anyone to join in for the likes of litter picks, beach cleans, lobbying government and more.

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