Why use social marketing?

Social media is used to build brand awareness, engage your audience and drive traffic to your brand’s website. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is also becoming ever more intertwined with social channels. Activity on social media is an increasingly important ranking factor for organic search engine results, highlighting the importance of utilising social networks for your brand. Each channel has strengths, weaknesses and different demographics as their primary users. Sleeping Giant Media works with its clients to ensure the best performance from the various social platforms within the context of your business.

We work with:

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Sleeping Giant Media offers social marketing expertise to our clients and we are here to navigate you through the digital minefield of these social media platforms. We can work with your brand to manage your social media presence, build brand awareness and create a following of engaged customers.

In addition to working within the social platforms and building a following Sleeping Giant Media can also utilise the advertising solutions offered by these providers. Advertising on these interfaces allows you to directly target your potential customers based on their likes, dislikes, geography, education type and a large list of other attributes. These platforms can be used to reinforce your brand, support other marketing channels and drive quality traffic to your site.

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“SGM’s proactive approach to digital marketing is exactly what M&J Seafood is looking for. SGM is an important partner in our digital marketing strategy, we trust their judgement implicitly and they are always on hand to advise us, going above and beyond to deliver an exceptional service at all levels” Claire Twiss, Marketing Manager

M&J Seafood social media case study