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Our reliable overflow solution allows you to add additional hours to your offering, without compromising on quality.

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So, outsourcing


When you’re good (maybe even GIANT) at what you do, it can only lead to good things, right?

We couldn’t agree more, but this greatness can lead to an overflow of work and when you have clients queuing out the door, with no spare hands to fulfil their every whim, it can be a little daunting. But we don’t see this as a problem, but rather an opportunity to reach out to the Agency community and outsource work to one another. 

Outsourcing work requires trust, and here at Sleeping Giant Media, we can provide a reliable and easy solution to any overflow problem. We’re confident about this because we pride ourselves on three very important things; the work we do, our customer service, and our snack eating abilities.

This magical combination means that whether you decide to refer us directly to your clients, or whether we work under your brand under a white label arrangement, you won’t be disappointed by our work, and neither will your client.  

Sometimes, you just need that extra helping hand. With outsourcing, you can continue to deliver quality work to your cleints, without compromising on anything else.

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The benefit of outsourcing


Having a trusted outsource partner will add to your agencies offering, meaning you can work on more projects with more clients.

You’ll never be left with that difficult situation of turning down opportunities because of capacity.

Having a working relationship with another agency means you can share questions, new ideas and inspiration.

What you get from outsourcing


We’re proud of the services that we offer, making sure we’re experts in what we offer and not a jack of all trades. That’s why our agency partnership exists!

For you, this means we’re adding the best service we can to yours, blending seamlessly into your own Digital Marketing Services.

Why us?


As a Multi- Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency (humble brag) we believe in delighting our clients by empowering our people. This means that our Giants are trained to the highest standard, following all the best practices, with all the best tools, allowing us to deliver GIANT results. If this doesn’t tempt you into using us as an overflow solution, we don’t know what will.

Want results like these?

So, you’ve seen how we do it — and you know what we’re capable of. If your brand or business could benefit from results like these, get in touch with us today to unleash your potential.


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