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Our agency partner service has some similarities to a white label service, however, in this instance, we work alongside you (the agency) as an identified source.

Agency Partner – what is it?

We’re talented, sure, but we aren’t THAT talented that we can do a bit of everything. There is such a thing as too many strings to your bow. But we know you, yeah you, have some talents that we don’t have. Rather than sticking out our tongue in jealousy, we’d love to partner with you so when a client or potential customer comes a’knocking for things we can’t provide, we’ve got your number at hand instead.

Sounds cool right? Well, our agency partner service has some similarities to a white label service, however, in this instance, we work alongside you (the agency) as an identified source. This means we deal with the client directly in regards to offering our services and leave you to continue to work with them in your original capacity.

Of course, we keep in contact and work with you on any projects that will benefit from the thing you do well and the insight provided by search (the thing we do well).

Why become a partner?

Agency partnering is an area in which Sleeping Giant Media has a vast amount of experience. Not only are we experts when it comes to the various elements of search, but we also invest a significant amount of time working with our agency partners, updating them on various elements of the client’s performance to help them extend the relationship.

Analytics can uncover the potential need for new landing pages or geographic locations that are potential hot spots. Working with you and the client we can recommend various solutions that will generate more business for the client and for yourself.

We are currently working with a number of exciting agencies in this way, all with very different needs and client bases.

We are continually refining our processes and our offerings that are associated with being an Agency Partner. Not only do you benefit from our direct services, but we also offer a comprehensive Referral Scheme as well as free and discounted places on Giant Campus digital marketing training courses.

These places on courses give you an understanding of different marketing aspects so you can help your clients in a multitude of ways.

From day one, Sleeping Giant Media has provided a first class service and value for money

Emma Watkinson, Digital Marketing Manager  Sterling Build

I find all of the staff to be very helpful and ready to assist when issues arise.

Claire Jones  SAMS LTD

SGM is a great example of the fact that you don't need to go to a big city to find 'great agencies'; they're right on the doorstep!

James Osborne, Digital Acquisitions Manager  Holiday Extras

A great team - delighted to have SGM on board with Purple Parking!

David Stratton  Purple Parking

Great people to work with! Dynamic, forward thinking and get results.

Stuart Hedgecock, Managing Director  Perfectly Green

Would highly recommend Sleeping Giant Media. Over the past four years, they have managed our campaigns, and performed very well!

Alex Thorpe, Managing Director

The most valuable asset they have is their honest transparency and commitment to long-term, sustainable results. I look forward to a long future collaborating with them.

Wing Cheung, Head of Digital  Royal Boon Edam International

At a professional level, they are a pleasure to work with and I really value their honesty, expediency and attention they demonstrate with their work on our account.

Global Digital Marketing Manager  Megger

They have delivered on time, every time. The results we have seen have been superb. I highly recommend this agency.

Steve Hamilton  The Kent Messenger Group

Consistent, innovative, integrated, efficient, friendly, dynamic...the full package.

Simon Hagger, CEO  Holiday Extras - Short Breaks

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