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Our Kent-based, white-label offering is a great way to quickly and effectively
add a high level of search and digital marketing solutions, expertise and know-how to your business.

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Agency White-Label: what is it & why should I use it?

Adding the services of a multi-award winning, specialist digital marketing agency to your business brings solutions to help you expand your business without the time, cost and risks associated with building a new service offering. We can make your offerings… GIANT.

Use our white-label services to add a new layer of digital understanding to your business, ensuring your digital efforts are kept up-to-date with brand new techniques, regular campaign checks and the chance to learn how to do it for yourself with Giant Campus digital marketing training courses.

Our services cover SEO, PPC, data & attribution, digital skills training, content marketing, social media marketing and more, so there’s definitely something we can work together to deliver through your brand, to your clients, with continuous ongoing support from a dedicated account team.

Our white-label option allows you to offer our services as if they were your own. You don’t have to tell people about the purple that now runs through your services, it’s just between us.

We work with many UK agencies that have successfully expanded their traditional marketing or design services with our tailored digital marketing services. Bringing a mix of old-school and new-school together in one GIANT package.

Our Services
(your future ones!)

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

We’re a specialist search agency, using SEO best practices to optimise your client’s website, content and more to help them appear organically online when someone searches.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Using an array of PPC techniques, we can provide cost-effective and well-managed solutions to have your clients appear on search engines and across the internet.

Social Media Marketing

We can work with your client to manage their social media presence to build brand awareness and engaged audiences. Helping them to achieve set goals and objectives as part of a wider strategy.

SEO Content Creation

We work with your client to produce quality content with a purpose, from functional copy through to regular blog content. All based on a large range of research, experience and know-how.

Website Migration

Successful website migration is essential when moving, and we can offer your clients end-to-end management of the migration service. Accepting no dips in traffic and only ever better-optimised approaches.

Data & Attribution

Our data team can help establish clear goals and targets, and ensure they’re tracked effectively to better improve your clients approach to their digital marketing.

Sometimes you just need that extra layer of service and with white-label, you can simply bolt on the extra services you want to offer your clients… it’s a no brainer. 

Use our award-winning services to further your business. Get in touch today with this Kent-based Search & Social Marketing Agency. | 01303 240715

Benefits Of Our Agency White-Label Service

Forget the worries of having to recruit a new member of staff or a whole team for a whole new service offering. Adopt a GIANT one instead *ahem*, we mean work with us white-label.

By white-labelling our services to use as your own, we’re able to offer our award-winning expertise without the lovely GIANT branding, meaning you can present them however you see fit.

With a dedicated account team full of experts, we’ll be focusing on the work itself, meaning you don’t have to and can just concentrate on providing kick-ass customer service.

We provide you access to all the work we do for the client, giving you vital insight into the clients accounts so we can create the perfect working relationship behind the scenes.

The best benefit of them all? You get to be the ultimate hero for your client!

We’ve really enjoyed working collaboratively with Sleeping Giant Media over the years on a number of projects and together we’ve delivered amazing results for our clients.

– anonymous agency

Their knowledge and experience elevate their offering above most SEO agencies and we always get good feedback.

– anonymous agency

As experts in digital marketing, social media management, SEO, paid search and PPC, their industry knowledge is second to none and we see them as a natural extension to our own team.

– anonymous agency

Want results like these?

So, you’ve seen how we do it — and you know what we’re capable of. If your brand or business could benefit from results like these, get in touch with us today to unleash your potential.


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