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The Marketers Grateful Journal

Help conduct research into mental health within the Marketing Industry

Hello Marketers!

If you’re reading this, The Marketers Grateful Journal has arrived and made it’s way safely into your hands!

It’s just a little gift from us to you, in the hopes that you might take part in our survey on Mental Health within the Marketing Industry.

The survey is anonymous, so have no fear about anyone finding out your answers! (unless they’re standing over your shoulder… there’s not much we can do about that) 

We hope you find it useful and enjoy using it as much as we have, and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch!

Why have we created The Marketers Grateful Journal?

According to a recent poll we conducted, over half of marketers believe that working in the field of marketing is more stressful than an average job.

This got us thinking – a great step towards better mental health and stress management is gratitude journalling.

With this in mind, we created The Marketers Grateful Journal to give to our staff here at Sleeping Giant Media. 

What’s more – we’re conducting more research into mental health within the marketing industry, which you can help us with!

Click below to help us by taking part in our survey!


Multiple copies of the marketers grateful journal showing front cover, open and back cover

What is The Marketers Grateful Journal?

The Marketer’s Grateful Journal is a 128-page illustrated self-help journal.

Originally created for our Giants here at Sleeping Giant Media!

It’s a space for you to write down your thoughts, reflect on the day and help marketers (and other creatives) to cultivate gratitude, mindfulness and mental wellness.

Our partners: The Wellbeing People

We collaborated with The Wellbeing People who are committed to changing the way people think about wellbeing.

Through empowerment, habit upgrades and behavioural change their aim is to enable individuals to make positive choices and lasting lifestyle changes.

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The Results

Once we have collected enough data, we will be sharing the results through our website, on our Social Media accounts and via email to those that have said they’d like to receive them.

If you’re interested in reading the findings, please fill in the form and we will make sure we include you when we send them out!

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