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Ever seen adverts for businesses or products on other peoples websites and wondered what the deal was with that? Well, it’s not some kind of friendly scratching backs situation the two have going on (well maybe it is, but not in this context), instead it’s all done through the power of the Google Display Network. A network of visual advertising space across millions of websites that helps businesses connect with potential customers wherever they might be.

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What is Display?

Have you ever been followed around the internet by an item/service/thing that you were having a look at on a website a while beforehand? This isn’t just fate’s way of telling you to complete that purchase, it’s remarketing at work.

Remarketing allows you to target ads at users who have already visited your website, even if they didn’t buy anything. Reminding them of your business is likely to encourage them to return to your website and make it difficult to forget you. What a great way to drive loyalty and re-engage previous customers.

Raise awareness

The Display Network is an advertising platform that is used to generate awareness of your business, create demand for your products and increase sales. Display advertising can work for a wide range of business types. If there is high competition in your area, you can use display to get your ads in front of consumers.

This helps your products to stand out from the crowd and when users come to make a purchase your brand will be on their mind.

If your business is in a niche market, a traditional search marketing campaign may not work as well as more mainstream businesses.

With display, you can place ads on sites that are relevant to your product or on websites that people who might be interested in your product tend to visit.

Display advertising can be used to create a demand for your product or service. There are some products that you never know you need until you see them advertised – believe us, even as marketers, we are still total suckers for remarketing.

Search ads only work when your potential customers know about you or your product. It relies on them choosing the relevant search terms. With display, consumers can come across your business by chance.

Targeted campaigns

Google Display Network allows you to target your ads to the most relevant people. You can choose topics that are relevant to your business and target sites that are related to those topics. It’s also possible to target people who are interested in those topics, even when they are visiting unrelated sites.

You can also choose to target your ads based on location. This is helpful if you’re advertising a local attraction, for example, your visitors may travel up to 2 hours to reach you but no more, although you may want to advertise on sites that tourists use to research trips to your area – so many possibilities!

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Why use Google’s Display Network?

The Google Display Network utilises advertising space on millions of websites to help businesses connect with potential customers.

You create ads through Google Ads that are displayed on websites which have relevant content to the product or service that you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling camping equipment you could place adverts on adventure blogs, camping forums, and so on.

Display is a pretty cool way of getting your brand and products out there in a targeted fashion. The idea is to build awareness of your business’ products and increase sales by putting yourself under the nose of consumers.

You tailor the campaign to target the people who would be most interested in purchasing your products or services and then manage the campaign to ensure that you see the best return on investment.

Display ads are free to create and work on a pay per click basis, similar to paid search advertising. So if you’re not getting clicks, you aren’t spending any money – win-win, right?

Sleeping Giant Media are experts at everything pay-per-click -after all, search is totally our thing. We make use of Google’s Display Network for a number of our clients, tailoring our services to your specific needs in order to help you meet your business’ objectives.

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