Stickers For SEOs


Oh hey there, if you’re here that means you’ve been lucky enough to grab a packet of Giant Stickers for your laptop, your notebook or whatever other things you might like putting sticky things on!

If you’re an SEO, marketer or digital marketer, then we think you’ll enjoy these stickers and the other free resources we’ve provided below 😘



That’s right, free! We’ll audit your website from an SEO perspective, offering some advice on things you can do to make your website even better.

Just apply for one here, and a member of our team will send one out.

SEO Services & Training

We are a data-led search and social media marketing agency, SEO is something we’re pretty good at…

We can provide award-winning bespoke services for your business, we can train you on all things SEO, or you can pick a package that suits you.


We have an award-winning video series, Giant Wednesday, that provides bitesize videos covering all things digital marketing.

We’ve got a great selection of SEO-themed videos with how-to’s, explainers and more.

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