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Crawling through the best business minds in Kent

A business event for innovative business owners who like to do things differently. Talks designed to inspire and educate rather than sell. Workshops designed to engage and improve the business world in which we work.

Join us on the 5th October, 6pm – 9pm, for our 2022 Bar Crawl.

You can join us virtually for the talks, but we recommend coming in person!

This event will bring together a room of local businesses to discuss, and share insight on all things workplace culture.

Inspiring change & having fun…

Whilst inspiring change and learning from one another, we’ll also be having fun – after all, this is a “bar crawl”!

Engaging conversation, educational talks, delicious local food, a beer or two and networking over foosball, pool and snacks.

Join us at Giant Towers, meet other businesses and settle in for an example of how business networking should be.

The ‘Culture Club’ Event!

This event on the 5th October will focus on the impact of a positive and considered workplace culture.

We’ll hear from speakers who’ve dedicated themselves to this very subject, learn from one another.

Talks will be live-streamed for those unable to join us in person – sign up and select virtual attendance if you’d like to watch along, but can’t be there for the beer!

Why should I attend?

We should start by mentioning that this is a no suit kinda event. Would you wear a suit on a bar crawl? It’s not a date! Don your jeans and converse and join us. No suit shaming though of course, if that’s your style.

This event is going to:

  • be interactive, energetic, full of beans!
  • be full of insider knowledge
  • not be a salesy thing
  • include some cold, hard truths
  • inspire business growth
  • provide opportunity to build connections
  • give you something fun to do of an evening!

Who should attend?

Well, that’s a great question. This is an event that aims to help give business decision-makers some more insight into the things others have learnt over the years. Therefore we suggest, but do not limit, that this is the kind of event for:

  • business owners
  • managers
  • directors
  • CEOs
  • heads of departments
  • big cheeses

Who will lead this GIANT bar crawl?

Luke Quilter

Your host

Luke Quilter, CEO of Sleeping Giant Media, and well-known public speaker will be your host for this evening.

Luke will introduce the evening, its events and its speakers, and help host a Q&A at the end of the talks.

He’s also a dab-hand at foosball, if anyone wants to challenge him?

Joe Cheal


Joe is the Lead Facilitator and Coach for Imaginarium Learning & Development. He has been involved in the field of professional & leadership development and organisational culture since 1993. Through his interactive style and business psychology background, he has worked with a broad range of organisational sectors and cultures, helping thousands of people revolutionise the way they work with others.

In Joe’s quick ‘guide to organisational culture’ talk, you will discover more about the psychology of companies, and why this is important. We will explore how to read the culture, and how to identify potential issues, with a view to creating positive changes…

Sam Slee


Sam Slee, our very own HR Manager, with 15 years of experience across a variety of businesses and school environments, is joining us for this Bar Crawl to talk about all things workplace culture. Looking at what’s worked, and what’s actually feasible!

Sam will be giving you an insight into the journey Sleeping Giant Media took to create and build the culture we have, and what we hope to achieve in the future.  We will talk a little about our well-being initiatives and how we have adapted following the pandemic to ensure our culture remains one that people want to work with and indeed be a part of.

Where & when is this marvellous event?

So you’re wondering where you get to spend such a marvellous evening? Well… we’ll be starting at the Bar before working our way down to the next venue on the map, Giant Space.

5th October 2022
18:00 – 21:00
Floor 3 & 7
Sleeping Giant Media, Folkestone

All you need to do is bring an open mind and a desire to grow your business with lessons learnt from others experience.

There’s plenty of parking around the area, as well as parking on-site if you’re turning up after 5:30pm. When you sign up, we’ll send out more details by email to keep you in the know!

We also plan on live streaming the talks so if you’re unable to join us in person, you can join us virtually (but without the beer & snacks 👀)

Fancy yourself a place on the crawl?

there are limited spaces available (honestly) so please only fill in the form if you CAN make it!


Use the form below to sign yourself up to this free event!

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