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Increasing Admissions in 2024 – Resources

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  • Our Skills Gap Analysis Tool for identifying strengths and areas for development in your team
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Session Agenda


  • Recruitment challenges in the private education sector including the possible changes to VAT, the cost of living and changing birth rates
  • Upskilling your marketing team from request takers to strategic partners
  • Differentiation strategies in a crowded market
  • AI in Digital Marketing – uses, safeguards and pitfalls
  • Can TikTok help with Student recruitment?
  • Modernise the Marketing Mindset: Commercially focused strategies
  • How to get the most from your team and your budget
  • Engaging and building awareness at the local level
  • Effective strategies for growth

meet the team


Luke Quilter CEO of sleeping giant media, smiling

Luke Quilter

Co-Founder & CEO, Sleeping Giant Media

With an excess of 15 years’ worth of experience in digital marketing, Luke currently runs three businesses based in Kent and regularly lectures, coaches and teaches his expertise; specialising in search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, social media, and business start-ups.

Luke Quilter CEO of sleeping giant media, smiling

Christina Adamopoulou

Head of Marketing and Communications, TASIS England

As a seasoned marketing leader with a profound focus on the private education sector, Christina brings a wealth of experience in crafting and executing marketing strategies tailored to B2B and B2C dynamics in Independent Schools. Her expertise extends to digital marketing, brand development, and enhancing student and parent experiences.

Luke Quilter CEO of sleeping giant media, smiling

Lauren Hearnden

Lead Account Strategist, Sleeping Giant Media

As a Lead Account Manager, Lauren specialises in strategy and account management, working with our delivery teams to develop tactics in line with each client’s objectives, and collaborating to provide a holistic approach to digital marketing.


Additional Resources

Blogs and articles

Recommended Newsletters

“Why We Buy” from

The “Why We Buy” newsletter from Customer Camp is crafted to demystify the complexities of buyer psychology in an engaging yet professional manner. It targets a wide audience, aiming to equip marketers with deep insights into consumer behavior, all while reflecting a high level of subject matter expertise. This resource is heralded as indispensable for those seeking to refine their marketing strategies through a better understanding of customer motivations​

Stacked Marketer

The Stacked Marketer newsletter offers daily updates on digital marketing news, trends, technology, and actionable advice, designed to be consumed in 7 minutes or less.

It aims to make marketers smarter for free, delivering content that spans across various aspects of digital marketing such as paid social ads, paid search campaigns, email marketing, content marketing, SEO, and e-commerce.

It prides itself on quality, transparency, and a bit of entertainment through memes, targeting digital marketers who wish to stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments

The Social Media Examiner

The Social Media Examiner newsletter provides subscribers with original marketing insights and industry news. It’s designed as a valuable resource for marketers looking to improve their strategies, offering daily tips, updates on social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, and insights into marketing trends. With a subscriber base of 387,000, it positions itself as a go-to source for actionable marketing advice and the latest updates in the social media marketing world

ThinkWithGoogle from Google

Straight from the source… This newsletter offers insights, research, and analysis on digital marketing trends and consumer behavior. It’s designed to help marketers and business professionals understand the changing landscape of digital marketing, with a focus on leveraging Google’s vast data and insights to inform strategy and decision-making.

The content ranges from articles and case studies to infographics and video interviews, all aimed at providing actionable insights for improving marketing effectiveness and staying ahead of industry trends.

Search Engine Land

The Search Engine Land newsletter is centered on providing the latest news, insights, and strategies related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. It serves as a crucial resource for digital marketers, SEO professionals, and anyone interested in the dynamics of search engines and online advertising, offering updates and expert advice to enhance their marketing efforts.

Our Skills Gap Analysis Tool

Want to find out what skills you have in your team and where you could use some assistance? Check out our Skills Gap Analysis Tool, perfect for Marketing Leaders and teams to get a full understanding of their strengths and areas that need support!

sam looking at his laptop

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we differentiate our school in a crowded market?

Focus on unique selling points (USPs) such as specialised programs, teaching methodologies, extracurricular opportunities, or community involvement. Use storytelling in your marketing to convey your school’s culture, values, and successes in a way that resonates emotionally with prospective families.

What digital marketing strategies are most effective for private schools?

A combination of SEO, content marketing, social media engagement, and targeted advertising has proven effective. Tailoring your approach to the platforms where your target audience is most active, and using data analytics to refine your strategies, can significantly boost your reach and engagement.

How important is social media in our marketing strategy?

Very. Social media platforms offer a way to engage directly with prospective and current families, share successes and news, and build a community around your school. They’re also crucial for reaching younger demographics and influencing decision-makers in the family.

How can we measure the success of our marketing efforts?

Establish clear KPIs such as website traffic, inquiry rates, social media engagement metrics, conversion rates from inquiries to enrollments, and ROI on paid campaigns. Use analytics tools to track these metrics and adjust your strategies based on performance data.

What role does content marketing play in attracting new students?

Content marketing helps to establish your school as a thought leader, provides value to prospective families through informative and engaging content, and improves your visibility online. It’s crucial for SEO and can significantly impact decision-making by highlighting your strengths and differentiating factors.

How can we effectively market our school on a limited budget?

Focus on cost-effective strategies like SEO, organic social media, and email marketing. Engage your current school community to act as ambassadors through word-of-mouth marketing. Also, explore partnerships with local businesses or community groups for co-promotion opportunities.

How do we ensure our marketing appeals to both students and their parents?

Develop personas for both target groups and tailor your messages accordingly. For parents, focus on outcomes, values, and the school community. For students, highlight the school experience, extracurricular activities, and social aspects. Utilise student testimonials and stories to bridge the appeal between both demographics.

Can digital marketing help in improving our school's reputation?

Absolutely. Consistent, positive online engagement, showcasing successes, and transparent communication can enhance your school’s reputation. Managing online reviews and feedback effectively also plays a critical role in reputation management.

What’s the best way to handle negative feedback or reviews online?

Respond promptly and professionally, offering to resolve any issues offline if possible. Demonstrating that you take feedback seriously and are committed to improvement can turn a negative into a positive in the eyes of prospective families.

How can we keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing for private schools?

Stay engaged with industry publications, attend relevant webinars and conferences, and participate in professional networks for private school marketing professionals. Consider partnering with digital marketing agencies that specialize in the education sector for insights and support.

Want support driving leads for your School?

Are you aware that we have a specialised team committed to assisting you in boosting the performance of your Digital Marketing?

Acquire the expertise you require, tailored to your needs, whether it’s refining your online presence, optimising content for admissions, or creating and implementing custom digital marketing campaigns.

Integrate a well-versed digital marketing team into your school’s strategy to generate leads and stand out in the competitive landscape.

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