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We received a high number of applications for our first round of 2022 trainees so have decided to pause our recruitment.

Check back to see when we might be hiring again by following our social media, or subscribing to our newsletter!

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Digital Marketing Training Placements 2022

Kick-start a career in digital marketing by joining our 6-month trainee programme.

Join the award-winning Sleeping Giant Media, known for its culture, team and awesome services, ready to make you Giant.

A paid-for, 6-month placement to learn best practices across the likes of SEO, PPC, social media, content, data and account management specialisms.

As a Giant Trainee, you’ll benefit from some pretty snazzy, well-tested and highly-respected internal training that we run for all our team. From the moment a Giant joins us, they are introduced to intensive training to build up their knowledge on any given subject to the point they’re viewed as experts. Experts who are sought after to speak at leading marketing & digital themed events, as well as run some Giant accounts for some pretty Giant clients…

That’s what makes our Giants so well known – we really do grow the best in the industry. (Ask any marketing recruitment agency in Kent)

When we bring on new Giants, they tend to have a bit of experience that we can build on, and they’ve definitely had a job before. In this market, though, it’s difficult to get experience without having experience – and so many people looking for their path in life miss out because they’re not given a chance.

No more will the “we want 4 years experience across every area of digital marketing for minimum wage” wash!

What is a digital marketing trainee placement?

Well, we’re offering 6-month placements in Sleeping Giant Media for university graduates, college leavers, or people looking to start a new career. It’s a paid position, and over the course of your time with us you will be trained on the foundations of your chosen specialism (SEO, PPC, social, content, data or account management).

Over the course of 6 months, you and your group will train with and learn from the best. You’ll each be placed in different teams, gathering together to sit in on sessions with the experts, learning everything you can from them. You’ll help each other bridge gaps, you’ll help the business with real client accounts, and you’ll hopefully make a few friends along the way.

What’s going to be expected of me as a trainee?

To apply for a place, you’ll need to show us that you’re passionate about the responsibilities that go along with the placement! We know you won’t have the experience, but we want you to show us why you’ve chosen to go into this field, why Sleeping Giant Media, and what you can bring to the table.

During your time here, we want you to keep up that passion, and keep showing us why you belong in the industry. You’ll be expected to be a great Communicator, Accountable for your work, Positive in your outlook, Effective in your placement, and Self-aware to keep pushing yourself and others forward (you’re right – that does spell CAPES – not all heroes wear capes, but the Giant ones do!).

What do I get from it?

As we said – our training is held in high regard! So throughout your time with us, you’ll collect and learn a whole host of skills across the foundations of digital marketing that will bulk out your CV quite nicely! We’ll even give you a swanky certificate at the end of your placement detailing all that you’ve learned!

If you’ve really gone above and beyond, and shown yourself to be committed through and through, you may be offered a role the opportunity to try out as a full-time GIANT.

Which placements are you offering?

This year we’re offering a full spectrum of placements, covering SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content, Data & Analytics and Account Management, including the implementation, monitoring, and reporting on each area.

We already have everything we and you need to effectively learn how to do the stuff we do, so all you’ll need to do is come on board and start taking it all in.

Not sure which route is best for you? Take a look below, or we’ll help you work it out!

How do I choose a specialism?

Don’t worry – we don’t expect you to know what you want to do straight off the bat! Use our ‘what describes you’ option below to narrow it down, or feel free to discuss the options with us if you get through to interview.

And hey, if it’s not the right path for you once you get into it, we’ll help you find the right path.

We want to awaken your potential.

Which of these best describes you?

Help narrow down your digital marketing career path options with the following…

Driven by numbers 💯

If seeing those numbers soar, and spending money is your game, then you might be interested in a trainee placement specialising in:

Pay Per Click Advertising

Data & Analytics

Account Management

Love a trend 📈

If following, jumping on and predicting trends is your cup of tea, then you might be interested in a trainee placement specialising in:

Social Media Marketing

Pay Per Click Advertising

Search Engine Optimisation

Quite the wordsmith 📝

If you’re quite the bard when it comes to conveying a marketing message, then you might be interested in a trainee placement specialising in:

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

A problem solver 🔍

If you’re one of those people that can find the solutions we need, then you might be interested in a trainee placement specialising in:

Data & Analytics

Account Management

Technical(ly) brilliant 🤖

If you’re a bit of a whizz when it comes to the technical side in life, then you might be interested in a trainee placement specialising in:

Data & Analytics

Gotta spend 💰 to make 💰

If you’re happy to spend money (not your own) to make money and deliver results, then you might be interested in a trainee placement specialising in:

Social Media Marketing

Pay Per Click Advertising

Digital Marketing Placements

Learn more about the placement opportunities available at Sleeping Giant Media.

PPC Placements

Joining the PPC team as a Giant Trainee, you’d be working across paid advertising accounts through platforms such as Google and Microsoft Ads. Helping launch and optimise PPC campaigns for search engine marketing success.

As a trainee, you’ll learn the foundations of Pay Per Click Advertising, helping to ready campaigns for remarketing, search results ads, video advertising and more. You’ll learn all about bid and budget management, ready to run Giant campaigns.

Content Marketing Placements

Joining the Content team as a Giant Trainee, you’ll be helping support the team across a variety of content activities on client accounts, ranging from research to writing.

As a trainee, you’ll learn the foundations of Content Marketing, helping to develop SEO-optimised content for clients, following briefs and finding opportunities for more Giant greatness.

SEO Placements

Joining the SEO team as a Giant Trainee, you would be working to optimise our client’s web presence to be the best it can be. Helping them to appease the many algorithms and help to be found online when someone searches for what they do or sell.

As a trainee, you’ll learn the foundations of Search Engine Optimisation, helping to perform tasks such as keyword research, metadata creation, general optimisation and more.

Data Placements

Joining the Data team as a Giant Trainee, you’ll be helping support on data-related activities across a broad spectrum of platforms and accounts.

As a trainee, you’ll learn the foundations of Data & Analytics in marketing, helping to conduct audits, find opportunities in accounts, produce measurement recommendations and strengthen our clients approach to marketing online.

Social Media Placements

Joining the Social Media team as a Giant Trainee, you’ll assist the team in the management and execution of social media marketing across accounts and platforms.

As a trainee, you’ll learn the foundations of Social Media Marketing, helping in the monitoring of accounts, writing of copy and optimisation of accounts, as well as the need-to-knows behind paid-for social media advertising.

Account Management Placements

Joining the Account Management team as a Giant Trainee, you’ll assist the managers in the execution of digital strategies for clients.

As a trainee, you’ll learn the foundations across a spectrum of digital marketing best practices, helping the Client Services department to ensure activity is being delivered on to our Giant standard, developing relationships with key stakeholders across our client base and awakening their potential.

How do I apply?

If you’d like to apply, please fill in the form below!

Giant Alumni

Wonder what’s happened to previous Giant Trainee’s when they finish training? Well… check it out.

Anna Hoade Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Executive

Anna now manages the PPC and SEO for us at Sleeping Giant Media!

Iskren Client Services
Senior Account Executive

Iskren now manages the PPC and SEO for some of our most Giant clients!

Jenisha Rai PPC
Search Account Executive

Jenisha now manages the PPC and SEO for some of our most Giant clients!

Jenisha Rai PPC
Search Account Executive

Callie now manages the PPC and SEO for some of our most Giant clients!


Do you sleep all day? No – we’re actually a really hard working company! Without it, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We’re all so passionate about the work we do, and you’ll need to be too!

Does the ball pit ever really get used? Yes – all the time. Because of this, we’ve collected so many pens, coins, phones, laptops, and chalices of lost cultures that it’s paid for itself three times over.

Will my marketing unit help? It could do? Did it make you passionate about learning more? About putting it into practice? About how to elevate entire businesses through marketing prowess? Tell us about it!

How much will I get paid? You’ll be training on some of the top practices of the industry with well-known experts; this really is a trainee programme, so it is a minimum wage role.

Can this be my Year in Industry Placement? Sadly, it can’t – we’re looking for people who are embarking on their new professional careers. We’d be glad to see you after you’ve graduated, though!

Do you do work experience? We only do one two week placement a year in conjunction with a Kent University. Sadly, we can’t accommodate any more. Too many naps are needed after holding work experience placements, and see point 1 for the reason that’s bad.

Is this office-based, or working from home? With the uncertainty of the world, this is a bit of a mix right now! We’d love to see you IRL when we can for monthly catchups, team days and parties.


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