Adding Search & Social Media to Your service offering

How can you offer your clients the latest search marketing advice and service without risking any money, and in fact making more money? Sleeping Giant Media offer a white label, or referral partnership which does exactly that.

So here’s the situation. Your customers are asking you questions about search and social media, you want to help them or offer the service to them but don’t have the resource available or it isn’t part of your business model. Enter Sleeping Giant Media… (with fanfare and metaphorical cape flapping in the wind)

Search marketing and Social media are rapidly growing sectors of the advertising market. Trying to add them to your existing business is not always easy due to how rapidly they change. Keeping up to date with the latest techniques, processes, tools, channels Google doodle is a full-time job in itself.


It is always difficult to refer hard-won clients and long-standing clients to other agencies. After all, how do you know if you can trust them to deliver a great service like you? Here at Sleeping Giant Media, we pride ourselves on our service levels. It is easy for us to say that, and you to say “sure, who doesn’t”. So here is what one of our agency partners say.


As a small web design agency, you have helped us to punch significantly above our weight for joint pitches on big projects. Your in-depth knowledge of SEO, white hat practices and careful analysis of the real-time results and date means that you deliver what’s best for the client and get great results. We feel confident to recommend your services to our clients as an investment for growth

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How it works

Sleeping Giant Media provide Agencies, and clients alike PPC, SEO and Social media. We are a rapidly expanding team and work with over 50 clients through the UK and Europe. Our team are trained to the highest standards in PPC, SEO and Social. We provide this all day every day. It’s all we do, and subsequently why we are experts. Within those areas we keep our offering flexible to ensure we offer our clients and our agencies clients the most appropriate, and subsequently valuable service.

We work in 2 ways with our agency clients. 1. White label 2. Referral agreement.

Why work with the Giants?

Search marketing is moving so quickly it is hard to keep up. You need to focus on this area in order to offer the best service and best results. Sleeping Giant Media are people you can trust to work with you and your client to deliver that service. We can quickly integrate with your business, or be introduced to the client and deliver that. The service is low risk and should deliver a new revenue stream to the business with very little input.


Our costs scale with yours. We work on a standard day rate which we can negotiate with you based on how much work is involved and if it is white label or referral. This agreement should only make you money.



Our contracts are designed with your cashflow in mind. We offer short notice periods as we know that you are in the hands of your clients and wouldn’t want to pay us even if they aren’t paying you.

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