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30th January 2024 at 10:00 am

Deep dive into the 2024 social media landscape with Aniela, our Senior Creative and Social Executive, as she explores upcoming trends designed to captivate your target audience and encourage engagement.

What You Will Learn 💡

This session will cover topics such as the delicate balance between authenticity and artificial intelligence, strategies for crafting personalised platforms, and navigating the evolving entertainment landscape.

Additionally, we will explore decentralisation trends, including the rise of Fediverse. Stay ahead with valuable insights to enhance your social media engagement in 2024.


Here’s what the talk will cover:

🔍 2024 social media trends
🤖 Balancing Authenticity and AI in content creation
🎯 Practical tips for tailoring platforms to target audiences
🚀 Insights on the evolving role of entertainment
🌐 Decentralisation’s impact on social media’s future
💬 Q&A – get those burning questions answered!

Watch on demand:

Our Speaker

Aniela Robinson Head shot

Aniela Robinson

Senior Creative & Social Executive, Sleeping Giant Media

As a Senior Creative and Social Executive, Aniela harnesses creativity and strategic thinking to manage and craft content, yielding impactful results for our in-house social media platforms.

As an Organic Social Media specialist, Aniela thrives on the dynamic changes and updates in the space, eagerly implementing and experimenting with new content and techniques. Beyond the digital realm, Aniela extends her passion for positive change as an active member of Sleeping Giant Media’s green squad, contributing to initiatives that drive positive environmental impact.

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