Vistage is a private group of CEOs, executives and business owners, offering a unique combination of resources for accelerating buseinss perforamnce through; monthly meetings, one-to-one executive coaching & mentoring, expert speakers, interactive workshops and more. It is a global member network of more thatn 22,000 business leaders.

If you are a Vistage member, looking for a speaker for your group meetings and events to deliver a dynamic workshop and educate your business leaders in topics such as digital and online marketing, then please read on about Vistage Marketing Speaker, Luke Quilter.

Luke Quilter

Accredited Vistage Speaker

Luke Quilter, CEO of Sleeping Giant Media, Giant Campus and Pocket Giant in Folkestone, Kent, is an accredited speaker within the Vistage Group with specialisms in the subjects; digital marketing, marketing stratey and marketing. Luke is available for workshops based on those specialisms, available for booking by Vistage Chairs looking to educate their groups.

Luke has an excess of 15 years’ worth of experience, running three businesses, regularly lecturing, coaching and teaching in his expertise; namely – search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, social media and business start ups. His wealth of experience in search marketing and brand management, coupled with an entreprenuerial spirit propels him to use his knowledge and experience to further imself, his business and others through the Vistage speaking network.

Sleeping Giant Media, an award-winning digital marketing agency in Kent was recognised as the Chartered Instititute of Marketing’s Agency of the Year in 2017 and finalist in 2018. The company is recognised through awards on its culture, customer service and business perforamance. With over fifty ful time staff, they are the largest specialist search and social marketing agency in Kent.

If you’re a Vistage Chair, or another, who is interested in having Luke speak at your event, please check out his sessions below and get in touch using the form or by giving us a call or email.

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Luke Quilter

Sessions & Workshops available

The workshops, talks and sessions available to be delivered by Luke to your Vistage group.

Be Brave, Lead With Digital

Optimising ROI in your digital strategy

What's this talk about?

Optimising ROI in your digital strategy

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the purpose of your company website and digital presence.
  • Strategizing through defining your consumers and their likely online behaviour.
  • Managing the business performance through better understanding the future of website and digital optimisation.


In a cyclical environment where everyone has a website because everyone else has one, we want to dig deeper and explore the true purpose of your business’ website to help focus your efforts and drive ROI.

In order to drive digital performance, there are some key metrics and techniques to understand. The session will look at these, in order to help you coach your management team on what they need to do next.

By exploring your consumer base, their drivers and motivators, we will pinpoint key areas of interaction to define the purpose of your digital marketing strategy. This, in turn, will allow you to identify areas of development.

Ultimately, to get ahead of the curve you need to know where it is going. To help drive performance into the future, we will explore what areas are just hype and what new areas are the ones to watch.

Action points:

  • Analyse the purpose of your website.
  • Understand what impact digital channels can have on your brand, and how to optimise them to meet your performance criteria
  • Explore the impact that offline and external factors have on digital performance
  • Establish a process of defining and understanding your consumers and their online habits. Your consumers and their activities are key to all business activity
  • Develop a strategy to align the website and digital marketing activities to meet the consumers during the moments that matter

Digital In A Crisis

The Pandemic Edition…

What's this talk about?

When everyone’s world turned upside down, the world of digital marketing did too – but it was possible to regain your footing and we’re confident should a second spike appear, or further crises arise, you can nail your digital.

In this talk, we identify the opportunities there were and could be for businesses during a crisis using the power of digital. Across four sections, we look at how marketing strategies need to adapt to change, how data and digital informs the future of your business, and how motivating teams and clients through change is a must.

All of this aligns the marketing funnel with the Kübler-Ross change curve to explain how to always think one step ahead. Managing your digital during a massive change can be achieved, and we’ll show you how.

Available as a 90-minute virtual talk.

Virtually Perfect

Being Awesome At Delivering Live Virtual Content

What's this talk about?

With the world changing like it is, coupled with the advancements in technology, not to mention the efficiency savings for you and the planet.

Virtual and remote technology is more of a thing then it has ever been! At first a necessity and now as a way of reaching new audiences.

Having a high production quality, taking advantage of on-platform opportunities and providing a virtual experience that makes your audience say ‘wow’ and remember your name. It’s not easy, and you can be sure it’s quite scary, but it doesn’t have to be all that.

This workshop will help navigate the minefield that is ‘going live’ resulting in a virtually perfect, virtual experience.

Available as a 3/3.5 hour workshop, or 90-minute workshop. Virtual.

New World Content

Content Marketing & Thought Leadership

What's this talk about?

The new world has seen a real uptake in the power of content marketing and in particular thought leadership, for businesses and personal accounts alike. Content marketing has always been a very powerful driver for brand awareness and loyalty, and now, through the power of digital content can be a great way to increase your audience and support the inbound process.

Content is SO much more than just the piece of creative you or your business posts on social media. It is the information that is viewed by the world that builds up an impression of what you do and how well you do it.

It’s not just content, for content’s sake either because content can help you drive real business objectives and can help support actual lead gen activity. We will discuss real-life case studies involving businesses like yours and make sure your group is up to date with the latest trends.

This talk will explore the dos don’t, the whys and hows and everything in between to help you be the business you need to be in the new world. We will look at the ‘how’ and understand how technology and production can be achieved within a business of any scale, Exploring methodologies to improve the efficiency of content production like the Content Pyramid. Observing ideal team structures and even the use of outside help.

This interactive workshop will have delegates participating, getting creative and will include live follow-along demonstrations as we build content from scratch in front of their very eyes.

LinkedIn Business Life

Increasing your personal LinkedIn game

What's this talk about?

Business pages are one of the most underrated elements of Linkedin, with many choosing to focus their attention purely on personal brand. What everyone is failing to realise is that if you can ‘anchor’ personal into the brand of your business then it can do great things for your overall business page performance.

In this practical virtual workshop, we will learn why and how business pages and personal pages should live in perfect harmony for the best of your marketing. How and which focus should be directed to the business pages and what the strategy could be to achieve different goals.

In order to regain the value of its employees business should be actively strategizing marketing activity to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Word of mouth has always been a very powerful marketing tool, make sure you have a business presence when someone comes looking.

Interested in having Luke speak or deliver training to your Vistage Group?

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