AI for marketing leaders: How will AI impact your content marketing


Join our CEO, Luke, and Senior Creative Manager, Liz, for an insightful webinar that delves into the evolving role of AI content generators in marketing.

What you will learn 💡

This session aims to demystify AI technologies, offering a comprehensive look at their implications for content marketing strategies. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of AI’s potential to enhance content creation, alongside a balanced examination of its benefits and limitations.

This webinar is designed for marketers leaders who are wrestling with the challenge and opportunity that Ai brings to marketing and content teams.

What is included:

🛠 Understand the mechanics and impact of AI tools in the marketing ecosystem.

⚖️ Examine the advantages and challenges of AI content creation, fostering informed decision-making.

🔒 Learn strategies for maintaining the integrity of AI-generated content within your marketing materials.

🎯 Practical advice for incorporating AI into your content marketing strategy, enhancing both innovation and efficiency.

🔮 Insights into emerging trends in AI content generation and their potential influence on marketing strategies.

💬 Ask questions and engage with our experts, Luke and Liz throughout the session.

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Our Speakers

Luke Quilter CEO of sleeping giant media, smiling

Luke Quilter

Co-Founder & CEO, Sleeping Giant Media

With an excess of 15 years’ worth of experience in digital marketing, Luke currently runs three businesses based in Kent and regularly lectures, coaches and teaches his expertise; specialising in search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, social media, and business start-ups.

Tiffany Fowler Senior account manager smiling

Liz Quinn

Senior Creative Manager, Sleeping Giant Media

Liz is the senior manager on our Creative Team, where she’s spent 10 years honing her craft in content creation, organic social media and digital PR. With a background in journalism and a lifelong love of the written word, Liz is passionate about the power of great copy – from writing it, to teaching others her tips and tricks.

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