Win £10,000 worth of digital marketing services from the data-led specialist search and social media marketing agency, Sleeping Giant Media.

Real talk – we know the world of business (and life) has been challenging this year. We’ve seen first hand at how many businesses have been affected negatively, as well as pivoted, especially to digital. It’s more important than ever before.

So we are back for the 2nd year of the GIANT £10K Giveaway!

Ever fancied a free £10,000 worth of digital marketing services for your business? Of course you have! Who wouldn’t want to save their business some money and some time, and get award-winning customer service all at the same time?

Here at Sleeping Giant Media, we like to put our money with our mouth is. With that in mind, we’re offering you the chance to win our services for free, no purchase necessary. An amazing opportunity if we may say so ourselves…

Use the prize to improve your search engine rankings, increase conversions using PPC or develop a robust and targeted social media content strategy. Or maybe use the £££ to train your whole team on an array of digital marketing services with Giant Campus… it’s up to you!

Our previous winner has now used the prize to establish herself and her business online through a range of our services, and we continue to see her success build and grow.

Fancy in on the action?

*disclaimer* this video was filmed pre-COVID! 

What can you get with £10,000 worth of digital marketing services from team GIANT?


🔎 search engine optimisation

💰 paid search marketing

🤳 social media marketing

📝 content marketing

🎓 digital skills training with Giant Campus

All entrants will receive an audit based on their needs, communicated to us in the entry form.

In order for PPC audits to be conducted, we will need access to your account!

Check out the 👉 terms & conditions 👈 to make sure you’re eligible to enter your business to win £10k worth of award-winning digital marketing services…


But here, let’s sum them up for you ⤵

🔞 must be 18+ and a UK resident to enter

✌️ limited to two entries per business

💰 no purchase necessary

✅ must be authorised to enter your business into supplier contracts

🖥 must have a marketable platform (otherwise, we’re useless to you!)

📅 competition closes end of September 3rd 2021

Fill in the form for a chance to win £10k worth of digital marketing wizardry 🧙‍♂️


Speak to one of our GIANTS in person, by phone or by email so we can be sure to discuss what routes would be best for you and if we can help you. Leave some details about the kind of work you’re interested in when filling out the form.


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