Welcome to our first “Tool of the Month” feature!

Here at Sleeping Giant Media, we’re fortunate to have an abundance of techies that live and breathe digital. As such, we wanted to utilise this opportunity to share their favourite tools with you so that you can equip yourself with any additional tools that could make your work a little easier, or perhaps a little more effective.

To kick off April’s TOTM, we asked our Senior Search Account Manager, Chris Hirlemann, what tool had caught his eye and why it needed to be shouted about.

Introducing WASP.inspector by Cardinal Path. (It just so happens Chris wore a yellow jumper when we took his photo for this…)

This is a free Chrome extension that looks at the tags firing on a particular web page so you can see if it’s just a page view, or other events firing too. (A tag is a way of identifying which scripts are running and firing information away from the website.) Typically we tend to use this on an ad-hoc basis, more specifically if we’re doing testing on a site to see if the tracking is in place.

By launching the extension and reloading the web page, WASP will show you all the javascript and tags active on that page – so for example, you’d be able to see if a Facebook pixel has been fired or which Google Analytics tags are being fired. What makes WASP particularly helpful, is its ability to simplify and visually demonstrate which tags are firing for an easier reviewing process. You’ll be able to see what was the property ID it fired for, its timestamp and the client ID.


To quote our man, Chris: “I chose it for “Tool of the Month” because it’s a really useful and easy way of finding out what people have on a page and whether it’s been set up correctly. Very simple, very easy to use but very valuable information.

So if you are interested in getting your hands on WASP.inspections, you’ll be pleased to know it’s a free Chrome extension.