Today is National Fun at Work Day! We’re quite lucky at Sleeping Giant Media that we generally get to enjoy a fun and positive workplace (note: we have a real ball-pit!) which has very high levels of employee satisfaction. So why is employee happiness so important?


Your employees may attend work everyday, but that’s because they have to (the bills don’t pay themselves!), and, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re happy… Unmotivated employees can prove costly – both in productive and financial terms, as accounts may be lost due to negative attitudes or neglect. This is further problematic, as a poor work attitude can cause a domino effect that slowly “poisons” the other workers.


Employee recognition is said to be the second most powerful source of employee satisfaction. It was found by Gallup that employees who aren’t recognised at work are three times as more likely to leave the next year. This should therefore be something that’s implemented into a monthly or yearly process (as while we might have the thought to tell a colleague they did a good job, we tend to forget to actually act on the idea!).


The most powerful source of employee satisfaction is employee achievement, which arguably goes hand in hand with employee recognition. So, do you want happier employees? Make sure to reward them by recognising their achievements and you’re onto a winner!